Mum’s Taxi: The Shuttle Awaits

If anyone's been wondering where I've been, lately it's more like "where haven't I been..."!

After my son got into drama school (see my last post!), he also got into a Shakespeare play. He's been going to school in the morning, then leaving for rehearsals or matinees, then evening performances as well. And he can't drive himself...

So I have been 'Mum's Taxi' to the max. A bit like this nice futuristic music I saw on the internets recently:

(Tom Demac - The Shuttle Awaits)

Some days I've only been home for a couple of half hours. Truly like a shuttle.

Shakespeare Monologues that got my son into drama school… (by Klingons, Teletubbies, Tom Hiddleston and two year olds)

Shakespeare Monologues that helped my son get into drama school: Tom Hiddleston as Henry V

The fabulous Tom Hiddleston as Shakespeare's King Henry V: and thanks Tom, for inspiring him!
Click here for audio (YouTube), or scroll down to see him perform his Henry V monologue in a TV interview

Non-diet update: My 12 year old son is auditioning for drama school today!

(Ed. Ok, I admit it: that was January and it's taken my this long to sort the videos out - and he did get in and starts next week, yay!)

So anyway, he has (or had) to perform two monologues, one modern and one classical (before 1912).

We were tempted by this one at first, but thought the original Klingon Hamlet might be a bit too classical for the admissions tutors:

Klingon Hamlet: Act 3, Scene 1, Line 64: 'To be, or not to be'

From the premiere of Klingon Hamlet: taH Pagh taHbe', a Still Picture Production performed by Brian Rivera and directed by Amir Sharafeh.

Click to watch more of the Klingon Hamlet on YouTube, or find out more about the Klingon Hamlet from the Klingon Language Institute.

I love this Dragon Cake Pan!

Look at this fantastic dragon cake pan! And just in time for my birthday!

It's like ThinkGeek really love me. And so they should. I'm ordering one now 🙂

Because if there's one thing better than chocolate cake, it's a dragon chocolate cake sitting on a pile of gold.

(...hopefully the dragon won't burn things...)

There's just one more thing I need now: enough chocolate money for the dragon to sit on!

I'll be updating this with photos when the dragon cake pan arrives, and I've made the cake.

Happy dreaming!

Is Housework Exercise? Review of The Stepford Wives and Clairobics

Housework: a Workout or Just Work?

Housework: a Workout or Just Work?
(Queen: 'I Want to Break Free' - Find it here)

How do you like housework? And remakes? And exercise?
Might as well kill all those birds with one stone, right?

So, this week's question is, "Can housework be a workout?"

The Stepford Wives think it's the only workout. And they've given it a name: Clairobics.

Does Housework Count as Exercise? Workout like a Stepford Wife!

Does Housework Count as Exercise? Workout like a Stepford Wife!

(STEPFORD WIVES RECAP: For those who aren't familiar, married women who moved to Stepford would change overnight a few months after arriving, becoming creepily over-smiley and submissive, conformist and housework-obsessed, among other things).

Find The Stepford Wives on Google Play, Netflix, Vudu or Amazon UK.

So in the spirit of good research, I watched both versions the other night to compare them - yay! 🙂

Shark Week Food: Blue Soup with Toast Shark Fins and Surfers

Happy Shark Week! Let's mark it with some Shark Week Food: blue soup with toast shark fins and cheesy toast surfers!

Happy Shark Week! Blue Soup with Toast Shark Fins and Surfers

Happy Shark Week! Blue Soup with Toast Shark Fins and Surfers

It gives a whole new (and better!) meaning to 'shark fin soup'. We're going to need a bigger bowl...

Blue Soup with Toast Sharks and Surfers

Blue Soup with Toast Sharks, Surfers and one Loch Ness Monster


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