Return of The Walking Dead: Best Diet for the Budget?

A Zombie Apocalypse Diet for the return of The Walking Dead

“Walkers!” … “Stop spending money!” …
Rick gets masterful again in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Although not like that.

Here it comes, every prepper’s dream: the Apocalypse, in Walking Dead form, returns in October. I can’t wait! (And no, we won’t be eating brains!)

How is Baby Judith still alive? Will Beth be reunited with Darryl, and what about Carol? Will Rick keep it together much longer? Will Glenn wish he still had his photo? Will Carl find more chocolate pudding? And above all, how will they ever get out of that shipping container and escape the world’s creepiest barbecue?

And what diet could be inspired by this…?

A ‘Walking Dead’ themed Diet Week!

The apocalypse has been and gone, and in a diet timed handily for that week when there’s more month than money, we can all look forward to the Walking Dead by… NOT GOING SHOPPING FOR A WEEK! (Except perhaps for previous seasons of course…)

That’s right, there’s no food out there any more, and we’ll have to make do with whatever’s in the cupboards!

To be accurate we shouldn’t use the fridge either, but that would be wasteful. Luckily, in some kind of time distortion, the fridge and freezer are earlier on the apocalypse timeline than the supermarket:

(Not The Walking Dead)

So the fridge and freezer still have some fresh enough stuff to eat, along with tinned and dried food in the cupboards. But the restaurants are looted and empty, and all the supermarkets have got left is packets of matzos that they got in for the wrong Jewish holidays (little joke for my in-laws there) 🙂

I’ve been meaning to do this week for a while, but had to spring it on myself because I knew if I’d planned the date I couldn’t resist doing a supermarket shop beforehand. So I have the same kind of collection of odds and ends that most non-prepping people do. Good luck to me and to you!

PS. No cannibalism

How did it go? Click here to find out!
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Still Not Fighting Fat After Forty

I have a confession to make: I’ve been stuck on the ‘PBS Diet‘ for two weeks now, and all because I can’t read a book. Specifically, I can’t read ‘Fight Fat After Forty‘, which was meant to be my next diet, starting right after my birthday and all…

Every single page, and I’ve read over a hundred of them now, is packed with interesting biological information, useful graphs, and reminders of how overscheduled, rushed and stressed women in their forties are, why this is bad, and how much harder it becomes to lose weight as we get older and our metabolism decreases. Ok, I believe you, I’ve noticed it myself, and I had great hopes for this diet, so please, please, get to the point!

It’s typical for a diet book to have a couple of chapters of case stories of people who struggled, tried out whatever the fantastic new formula is, and then – wow, it really worked, this diet did exactly what you said it would, Hooray! And then there’s the chapter that’s basically the collection of lists, timings, amounts, combinations, or whatever it is you’re really paying for.

Then there are usually a couple more chapters of being encouraging, and finally, ha ha, the ‘maintenance regime’ – because this isn’t a diet, after all, we’ve all tried diets, no, THIS is a way of life, and such an amazing way of life you’ll wonder why you ever thought you liked chocolate cake. Or reality.

So, being as familiar with diet books as I am, I have to wonder why and how the exceptionally busy, overscheduled and stressed target audience of ‘Fight Fat After Forty‘ are meant to pick out all the instructions that are scattered throughout the entire length of this densely fact-packed 300 page book. The person who had this book before me made a truly valiant effort, with annotations, underlines and asterisks on every page, but I have to wonder, even so, if she ever figured it out either: I’m sorry, Dr Pamela Peeke, I really want to try your diet, but I need a cheat sheet!

I’ll be back with more on this later, as soon as I’ve figured it out.

In the meantime, please check out the other weekly diet plans I’ve tried.
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Does the PBS Diet really work?

Giles on a plate, from Amazon UK: Perfect
reminder of the PBS Diet?

It did! The PBS Diet might seem arbitrary (only eating while watching PBS or listening to NPR), especially if you don’t watch TV during meals anyway.

In fact, it was pretty inconvenient for family dinnertimes.

But I did remember to put the radio on most of the rest of the time, and I think maybe it was the act of putting the radio on that made me notice what I was eating instead of mindlessly overeating.

I also watched some interesting documentaries in the evenings 🙂

Beginning weight: 218lbs
End weight after 2 weeks: 215.4lbs

Perhaps I just had an unusually heavy week before starting, but hey, the weight went in the right direction! ‘C’ was not for cookies, and that’s good enough for me…
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Who would try the PBS Diet? Giles from ‘Buffy’, of course!

Giles from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: a PBS / NPR type if ever there was one...

Giles from ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’: a PBS / NPR type if ever there was one…
(Find a great eyebrow-raising gif at

Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVD set

Was it just me who secretly wished Giles would swoop in like a not-so-silver fox and claim the plucky Buffy? We could have avoided all the last few seasons’ worth of moping around after Angel if only the great Joss Whedon had read enough romance novels (any).

We’d have a classic Watcher/Slayer combo: the standard shy and nerdy yet protective older man with the sassy and spirited yet vulnerable young woman, leaving the actually centuries older Angel free to go on and marry his real true love in ‘Bones‘ (er, ok).

In any case, it’s not just me: there’s a treasure trove of Buffy / Giles fanfiction stories and videos. For newcomers, there’s a nice little ‘Buffy’ recap here.

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Vegan Resources

Vegan resources: Photo of vegetables

Vegetables: the ultimate in Vegan Resources. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A page of useful vegan resources for those interested in a vegan diet and cookery. This page is a work in progress. Please post any links to further resources in the comments and I’ll add them to this list.

Vegan Recipes

Vegan Menu Planning

Vegan Magazines

Vegan Diets on this Website

Restaurant Guides

General Vegan Links

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