Happy New Year from Club Adipose and Captain Picard!

Happy Christmas from Club Adipose!

Our Awesome Mostly Doctor Who Geeky Christmas Tree :)

Ok, this may not be as stylish as our friends who buy a Star Trek Christmas ornament from Hallmark every year, but we've had a lot of fun decorating our geeky Christmas tree!

An Adipose, swinging across the Dr Who TARDIS string lights!

An Adipose, swinging across the TARDIS string lights!

Silver bell from the Polar Express

A silver bell from the Polar Express: Not very geeky but my son is an Elf in it this year, with real trains, so we're very proud!

Zinzie from Fijit Friends

Zinzie from Fijit Friends: the kids' favourite toy from last year


Doctor Who Cake Decorations on our Christmas Cake!

Hooray for Lakeland - we've got Doctor Who Cake Decorations on our Christmas Cake this year! The kids and I had so much fun putting these on 🙂

Decorating our Dr Who Christmas cake

Decorating our Dr Who Christmas cake


Something to Cheer You Up when you’re Sick

Here's a little video clip to cheer you up when you're sick as a dog, like I was this morning. And just as my parents are flying in for Christmas, too. Urgh.

But it's ok!

Because here's the fabulous Emily Blunt in 'The Devil Wears Prada':

"I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight".
The Devil Wears Prada, © Twentieth Century Fox, 2006.


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