May the Fourth Be With You on this Princess Leia Diet


Less like this…
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May the Fourth Be With You on this Princess Leia Diet!

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Hello! How have you been? My guess is (if you’re dieting!), not enough Leia and too much Jabba the Hut?

So, May the Fourth Be With You!

It’s a momentous year, with the new Star Wars film coming out, and I admit I can’t keep track any more.

The kids think the Clone Wars cartoons are the real Star Wars.

And the last set of films were a bit ho-hum.

But I always did say the real battle was for Darth Vader’s soul. Can even someone as evil as him redeem himself in the end? Can anyone, however late, turn their life around? The rebellion might disagree with me on that, but I think the last film proved me right 🙂

Star Wars - Darth Vader - Inside

Star Wars: the view from inside Darth Vader. Don’t be like that. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Meanwhile, I am trying to keep an open mind and look forward to the new film that comes out at Christmas.


Ok the music got me smiling… 🙂


Yes! NOW I’m looking forward to it! Chewie, we’re home…
Getting back into that Gold Bikini!

So, since it’s the annual ‘May the Fourth’ Star Wars fest, here is my Princess Leia diet.

We’ll be back in that gold bikini in no time 😉
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All Your Cake Are Belong To Us

All Your Cake Are Belong To Us

This Week’s Diet: All Your Cake Are Belong To Us (Tweet this!)

This week’s diet is in honour of retrogaming, and mistranslated fun:

All Your Cake Are Belong To Us!

Back in the heady days of the early 2000’s, this scene from the not-so-well translated video game ‘Zero Wing’ was huge as an internet meme.

Here’s the original intro sequence on YouTube, posted by TOMGC:

And I loved it, because I was doing something similar at the same time: I was working as a QA tester on a fantastic role playing game that was being translated from Japanese, first into an English version for North America, and then into French and German for a European version as well.

I saw the story emerge from Japanese through patches of English, into the polished final product. And then I got to improve on my school-level French and German, learning cool words for magic and fantasy items and characters: Magical amulets and talismans, deadly spiders, Princes of Hell and Angels of Light. Mein Handy and Mein Supercooler Lederrock! I loved that project so much!

So I’ve always been fond of ‘All Your Base Are Belong To Us’: so much so that I’ve even been given it on a T-shirt [ See on Etsy | CafePress | Amazon UK ] 🙂

'All Your Base Are Belong To Us' T-shirt from

‘All Your Base Are Belong To Us’ T-shirt from (Mine is like this but lighter grey 🙂 )

And that T-shirt, which I slightly need to slim back into, leads me to this week’s diet: ‘All Your Cake Are Belong To Us’…

It’s pretty simple, although it takes a friend or family that’s willing to cooperate.

If you’ve done any kind of diet before, you’ll know there’s usually some list of ‘free foods’ that can even be unlimited, because really, who even wants to eat unlimited grapefruit and celery?

So whatever that ‘free’ food is that you’re used to, it’s free this week. But anything else, any kind of ‘treat’, doesn’t belong to us this week.

So if we really want it, we have to ask somebody else…
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A Dalek Snowflake!

Monster Eggs for Easter: How Many Can You Guess?

We made Monster Easter Eggs this year, inspired by the Doctor Who Easter Eggs we made before. How many of these awesome monster eggs can you guess?

Monster Easter Eggs!

Monster eggs for Easter: Can you guess what they are? (Tweet this!)

Read on to find out what they are, how we made them and what our intellectual inspirations and artistic influences were… yes I did GCSE Art in evening classes once 😉

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The Year We Made Fabulous Doctor Who Easter Eggs

Doctor Who Easter Eggs

Remember these? The BBC ran a Doctor Who Easter Egg competition a couple of years ago

Did anyone else try making these?

As lifelong Doctor Who fans and people who like making things, the boys and I couldn’t resist this fantastic Doctor Who Easter Egg competition from BBC’s Doctor Who Adventures 🙂

I couldn’t get anywhere with the Dr Who competition Facebook app to submit our photos, but no one can say we didn’t rise to the challenge:

 Our Fabulous Doctor Who Easter Eggs

Our Fabulous Doctor Who Easter Eggs 🙂

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