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1) Description of the methods used to refer customers to the Amazon Site:

Links from a blog, mostly product links, links to search results pages and occasionally Amazon widgets.

2) A list of the Sites on which your Special Links or banner ads are posted:

They are currently only on this site:
Club Adipose – Geeks Diet:
This is a science fiction food / diet blog. This is a blog I had not updated for a while due to moving from the US to the UK, however, I do want to continue using it.

I have been making progress in reviewing and updating it to be Amazon compliant. I don’t know what time the deadline is so I may have to send this before finishing, but I will be continuing with this process. I have updated the Amazon Associates website list and information to include this one instead of the one below.

Previously, I also had links posted in 2 older websites, which I have now taken offline for maintenance while I decide what to do with them. I do not want to list them as Amazon Associates sites currently and have taken them out of the account.

3) Advertising services you are using:
I don’t use any advertising services to promote my blog, but I do use Google Adsense to place adverts on my blog.

I have used social media to promote my blog, and this has mainly been Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. I don’t think I have ever posted Amazon links directly on those, but if my blog gets through the review I will now know how to find out about this.

4) Links to screenshots of your Site’s analytics tools that show your Site traffic and its sources

This screenshot shows my website traffic for the last year:

Last 12 months summary statistics

This screenshot shows the proportion of my website traffic that came from search, direct entry and referrals:

Chart showing traffic source breakdown

This screenshot shows my most frequent traffic sources:

This screenshot shows the most frequent referral links, other than search engines:

referring sites

This screenshot shows that no search keywords have been recorded:

no search keywords

5) The keywords you are using to drive referrals:
I don’t think this applies to me as I am not doing Pay per click advertising.

6) Any plugins or browser add-ons you use:
I am using the Sovrn WordPress plugin (formerly Viglink) to monetise external links from my website, but with the setting that does not overwrite the Amazon UK links.

7) Live links to your Sites:

8) A sequence of links that allows us to duplicate the clicks the majority of your customers make to get to the Amazon Site via your Special Links

This is the sequence of links that I can see most recently among the exit links in my website statistics:

Came from: (Keywords Unavailable)

Entry page:

Shakespeare Monologues that got my son into drama school… (by Klingons, Teletubbies, Tom Hiddleston and two year olds)

Exit link:

This is a screenshot of the visitor’s path in my website statistics:

Visitor path

This is the Amazon Product page that the visitor landed on at

Amazon Product Page

9) Refer to the Operating Agreement for more details:

Referring to the Operating Agreement, I have taken the following steps to make my blog more Amazon compliant:

9-1) Updated the Amazon disclosure wording to the required “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” and displayed this more prominently, above the fold.

9-2) Similarly, reworded the Viglink / Sovrn disclosure and moved that above the fold.

9-3) Scanned the website and updated the Cookie information to ensure GDPR compliance.

9-4) Tested and removed outdated and broken widgets from the footer and sidebar.

9-5) Deleted all old feedback / contact form messages and spam comments.

9-6) Deleted unused themes and plugins.

9-7) Upgraded WordPress core and plugins, and set them to automatically update in future.

9-8) Scanned for malware

9-9) I am currently going through the process of using a broken link checker to validate all the links.

9-10) I am also in the process of checking through each post to ensure I am not specifying prices and that I am using valid Amazon product and image links instead of Amazon’s images.

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