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Vegetables: a key feature of the 5 Day Miracle Diet. (Photo credit: Hrushi3030, via Wikipedia)

So I finished the 5 Day Miracle Diet, for the second time in my life, and what can I say?! I hated the food, but the weight loss (7.6lbs) was fantastic! This would be a great diet for someone who has a week to lose weight for a special occasion. I’m very pleased with it.

I won’t be carrying on with it, although apparently the actor Ralph Fiennes followed this diet to keep his energy up for playing Hamlet, so some people do keep this up in the long term. Find out more about the 5 Day Miracle Diet at Adele Puhn’s website.

Starting weight: 216.8lbs
Ending weight: 209.2lbs

Read on to see how it went, in case anyone would like to use my 5 Day Miracle Diet food diary as an example:

Day 1:

8 pm Breakfast: 1 piece wholemeal toast with peanut butter. I realise I’ve hit a snag on my first meal when I discover that my ‘natural’ peanut butter has sugar added to it, so no more of that this week! (I also found it impossible to find any kind of sliced ham, turkey, roast beef or chicken lunchmeat that didn’t have sugar added, so this diet seems to be counteracting the food industry in general sneaking sugar into our food products – good luck with that!).

10:30am I realise I’m late for my first ‘hard chew snack’, ironically because I got distracted by reading the diet book. I decide to go for the all out weird choice of 6oz of raw cauliflower. Now I’ve been known to eat crudites, especially with a nice dip, but 6oz is a LOT!

12:30 Second Hard Chew Snack: 10 mini carrots.

1:30 Lunch (meant to be by 1pm, oh well). Green salad with half a tin of tuna. I couldn’t find how much tuna it should be from the book, so I guessed that this would be ok, leaving me the other half for tomorrow.

3rd hard chew snack along with lunch: 1 cup of raw green beans. OMG I expected that to be quite nice, like mange touts or sugar snap peas, but it’s the worst thing I’ve eaten since I licked an old battery when I was five.

I sit there forcing my horrible lunch down, and thinking:
1) This diet had better work or I’m tracking this lady down and force feeding her my compost heap, and
2) Please don’t do that to me

4:30pm Soft chew snack: an orange

7:30pm Dinner: Chicken tenderloin(? I don’t often make chicken but I think that’s what it was called) with steamed collard greens, mustard greens and green beans. See how I got back at the green beans there 🙂

I put 2 extra pieces of the chicken in a ziploc bag in the fridge for the next couple of days’ lunches.

Day 2:

8am Breakfast: 2 Brown rice cakes with cottage cheese and the other half of yesterday’s tin of tuna. Funnily enough, I’d rather be having toast but obviously my kids see my eating something different, so they all want my diet food – it’s all in the attitude isn’t it!

Hard Chew snack 1: 10 mini carrots

Hard chew snack 2: 1 apple

Lunch: Green salad, with diced chicken (one of the pieces left over from last night’s dinner), oil and vinegar dressing.

Hard chew snack with lunch: 2 celery stalks.

Soft chew snack: 1 orange

Dinner: Fish tacos: fish, cabbage, lettuce, lime juice, cilantro, 1 teaspoon of avocado, 2 corn tortillas, basmati rice. I missed having my usual couple of glasses of wine with our Friday night dinner, but although extras are allowed if you follow the diet beyond the first week, the book says to cut out any alcohol or sugary ‘extras’ in the first five days, while good stable blood sugar levels are being established. So I may have grumbled a bit, but it worked.

Day 3:

8:30am Breakfast: 3 tbsp Grape Nuts supermarket own brand knockoff with fat free milk

10:30 Hard Chew Snack: 6oz raw broccoli – turns out that’s a lot too!

12:15 Hard chew snack: an apple

Lunch: Green salad with chicken, oil and vinegar dressing

3rd Hard chew snack with lunch: 2 celery stalks

Soft chew snack: an orange

Dinner: Spaghetti squash with vegetable and tomato stew, and basmati rice

Day 4:

10am: Late breakfast, so I follow the ‘Weekend sleeper’ timetable. 2 rice cakes with marmite (yeast extract) and fat free cottage cheese.

1:30 Lunch: Green salad with cottage cheese, oil and vinegar dressing.

Hard chew snack with lunch: I mix it up with 6oz of combined raw cauliflower and broccoli. I’m Living on the Edge!

4:15 Hard chew snack: 10 mini carrots

6pm Soft chew snack: 2 tangerines

Dinner: Leftovers from yesterday, but with less spaghetti squash left.

Day 5 (Last day!):

Breakfast: 3 tbsp Grape Nuts with fat free milk. Cereal is allowed for breakfast every other day.

Hard chew snack1: 1 apple

Hard chew snack 2: 10 mini carrots

Lunch: Green salad with tuna and fat free grated cheddar cheese (2 of either peanut butter or low fat hard cheese are allowed in the week), oil and vinegar dressing

Hard chew snack with lunch: 6oz raw broccoli and cauliflower again – finally, after the last hard chew snack, I find out that the ones with lunch didn’t need to be so big – oops! Well it’s done now.

Soft chew snack: 2 tangerines

For dinner, I meant to celebrate by making some of the recipes from Adele Puhn’s website: Rosemary Lamb Chops, with Endive Etoile, and the usual salad type stuff. But when I got to the supermarket, I couldn’t find lamb rib chops, only lamb loin chops (tiny) at $11 for 3, and no endives at all, so feeding five on that menu wasn’t happening 🙁 So I got the same chicken tenderloin things as before and made this instead:

Dinner: Chicken tenderloin, salad, 1/4 baked potato (then I discovered women are only meant to have starch for dinner every other day and left the rest of the potato, oh well)

So I think I ate the right foods, mostly, although I struggled with some of them, and found it tricky to stick to the timetable. I definitely did feel hungry at times, and ran out of energy for the last afternoon. But that’s another week of dieting down, and I lost a lot of weight on it. I may even need to slow that down a little now (assuming I have any choice in that!)

As for the other challenges: well, I flossed most nights, found the bug spray, checked up on my cat, checked my closets for clothes moths and my kids for nits, all wearing combat gear of course. Forgot to check the shuttlecraft. I found the nearest dentist but didn’t make an appointment (coward!). I printed a picture of the Alien to stick on my wine glasses cupboard, and I watched all the Alien films except Prometheus. That made it a pretty good week 🙂

I also discovered that after doing the 5 Day Miracle Diet, I was noticing how sweetened some of my regular foods were, which did start to put me off them a bit. And I’ve learned to think of vegetables as possible snacks again. So it’s well worth doing – for five days at least! Recommended 🙂


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I think this crunchy vegetable recipe might work for the 5 Day Miracle Diet. Have you got any good ones? Post them in the comments below!

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