A Year of Geeks Diets: It’s my Blog Anniversary!


A year of Geeks Diets and Club Adipose turns one: it's my first Blog Anniversary! Many Happy Returns!

Many Happy Returns! Opening title from my all-time favourite show, The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan
Rent from Netflix, or watch The Prisoner – Season 1 on Amazon UK Instant Video

I can’t believe it’s been a year! And this is also my 100th post!
(Of course I planned it that way 😉 )


A Good Year?

Yes. It’s been:

  • A year of funny fitness and dieting (well it made us laugh!) and geeky things to write about.
  • A year of re-familiarising myself with WordPress, building my website, and practising writing and picture editing.
  • A year of getting back into social media, making friends with other bloggers and catching up on changes.
  • A year of wandering through Thinkgeek‘s little online book of dreams…

And did I lose weight? Goodness, yes, the same 20 pounds over and over and over again.
But it’s been fun.


So What Now?

It’s my one year blogoversary, or is it blogiversary? (I’m not putting a word in a title when no one knows how to spell it yet!)

I know the usual thing is to do a lot of soul searching, but this doesn’t seem like the time for that yet.

That can come later. If ever.

It’s my one year blog anniversary. And also my 100th post. Really, a year?? A year of geeks’ diets and blogging. A hundred posts.


Happy Blog Anniversary, Club Adipose!

It’s time to step away from the keyboard, get a nice bottle and a picnic, and go out and do something else. I’m pretty sure my family would agree 🙂

And then it’s time to figure out how to fit ‘Kosho’ into my ‘fitness regime’:

‘The Prisoner’: ‘It’s Your Funeral’, (Kosho), via Eric Eberhardt on YouTube. Rent from Netflix, or watch The Prisoner – Season 1 on Amazon UK Instant Video



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Be seeing you 😉

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44 Responses to A Year of Geeks Diets: It’s my Blog Anniversary!

  1. Comments should be here
  2. Happy blogiversary! It’s great to keep getting healthier fun.

  3. Congratulations on your blogaversary.

  4. Congrats on your milestone. It is quite an accomplishment!

  5. Happy blogiversary! 😉 I definitely think a picnic and some wine is a great way to celebrate

  6. Happy blog anniversary! Congrats and enjoy a break!

  7. Congrats on your one year and hitting 100 posts!!

  8. Happy Blogiversary, or anniversary, or blogibirthday!

  9. Happy Blogiversary. I wish you all good things in the next blogging year. Now that you have word press figured out, it will get easier, right?

  10. It’s amazing how fast a blogging year goes by. My one year was in April and it seemed it flew by. Congratulations!

  11. Your site is quite unique, I enjoyed the look of your site, and this post, I would venture to say that you have a lot of fun with your WordPress blog,,, Everyone should have such a good time,,, Thank you for sharing your sense of humor with all of us. And who would not enjoy a round of, “Kosho”. 🙂

  12. Happy Blogiversary! Cheers to many more years!

  13. Happy blogoversary/ blogiversary lol. Can’t wait to see what you do with the next year.

  14. Happy anniversary Maybe the soul searching will come after the bottle of wine 🙂 Cheers to your next year of blogging

  15. Happy Blog Anniversary Annabelt! xx

  16. Congratulations on 100 post and 1 year!

  17. Haaaaaaa Kosho! Thats GREAT! Happy Blogiversary! 😛 It seems like my 1st month has gone by so fast. Another 10.5 months and I’ll be joining you! 😛

  18. happy blogiversary! i don’t know how to spell it either.. but i feel like the i makes more sense than o… since your’re taking it from ann-iversary. i wonder who made the word to begin with! we gotta go to the source.

  19. Happy Blogiversary! Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I celebrated mine last month and it is so exciting to get through that first year and to see how far you’ve come:)

  20. Congratulations! 100 posts in a year is great! Wishing you an even better second year!

  21. Amazing! Congrats on a year. Hope it just goes up and up from here for you. Such a fun blog.

  22. happy blogiversary and congrats on your 100th post! 🙂

  23. Happy blog anniversary! It’s great when you meet certain milestones. Looking forward to reading more great posts 🙂

  24. Happy blogiversary and 100th post! And to many more!

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    like that before. So great to discover someone with a few unique thoughts on this subject.
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