Adipose or Alli?


The Adipose: 'The fat just walks away' (Club Adipose: Adipose or Alli?)

The Adipose: “The fat just walks away”… And then flies away… But not down the toilet…
BBC Doctor Who: ‘Partners in Crime’, via Doctor Who YouTube channel

Adipose (Dr Who)

An Adipose baby… now where did that come from?
(Thinkgeek, I suspect!)

I admit it: I completely failed to boost my metabolism like Captain America.

Instead, I put on 5 pounds, and felt quite discouraged about it too.

So I thought it was time to try a weight loss supplement instead of another week of dieting: something I could take to make the pounds go away by themselves…

I’d heard good things about Alli: apparently it’s a non-prescription version of Orlistat, and is the only over the counter weight loss aid that’s approved by the FDA.

According to the official website, it’s a pill that stops about 25% of the fat you eat from getting absorbed.

The website also offers a free personalized support plan that helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Sounds good to me.

Alli works by blocking the absorption of fat during digestion. And, a little bit like our favourite product from Adipose Industries (up to a point!), if you do eat too much fat, it allegedly leaves quite suddenly 😉 although not in the same way!

I’ve always thought it would be worth a try, and I’ve even collected coupons for Alli before. But sadly, it’s off the market for the time being, with all boxes recalled due to product tampering. Shame 🙁

So I’ll have to wait till it’s back on the market.

Meanwhile, I’m going to try some weight loss gummies instead.


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4 Responses to Adipose or Alli?

  1. Comments should be here
  2. I had no idea they pulled if off the market. I have been trying to lose weight since my second child but to no avail due to female problems. Now that all that is taken care of I have about 20lbs or so that I would really like to lose. With the upcoming wedding, I thought I’d start a plank challenge. I love it! It is super easy and I’ve been able to modify push ups (I do them against the wall) and I’m starting to see some progress. I know it isn’t a pill or anything but planking seems to work really well. I’m up to about a minute which doesn’t sound like a lot of time but feels like it while you are doing it 🙂

  3. Losing weight is so hard! Keep trying!

  4. I tried Alli but it never worked for me. Tried it several different times over the years, too, and it still didn’t work.

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