So am I a ‘Skinny Bitch’ yet?


The Skinny Bitch Diet, available at AbeBooks

The Skinny Bitch Diet, available at AbeBooks

So am I a ‘Skinny Bitch’ now? Not by a long way! But the vegan diet wasn’t bad, and the vegan desserts were really good. I still haven’t found a good vegan option for replacing milk in coffee, but the unsweetened vanilla almond milk wasn’t bad in tea (surprising when I don’t like vanilla!) The vegan diet did take some extra planning, and was inconvenient when out and about, but let’s face it, that probably helps if you’re normally prone to fast food and impulse snacking (like me).

And as a very nice result of this week, going by their statistics, having my family of five eat a vegan diet for a week saved the lives of nine animals. I like that. Although I wouldn’t want them following me around indebtedly like Morgan Freeman in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.

I lost a bit of weight too, not a huge amount but they’d clap you for it in Weight Watchers.

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Starting Weight: 213.3lbs
Ending Weight: 211.8lbs

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My Vegan Food Diary

The meals I cooked from The Vegan Menu were nice, and I think I’ve learned some new tricks about vegan cookery already (‘Not Your Mother’s Fettucine Alfredo’). I loved their Vegan Key Lime Pie, and the Chocolate Mocha Pie recipe from Whole Foods was gorgeous, although it turns out not to last overnight in the fridge without separating, so it has to be eaten in one go. However will we manage 😉

Natasha Henstridge

Natasha Henstridge: She plays the main character in ‘Species’, and so creepily, so why isn’t she credited like the men? (Photo available from

I may not have followed the diet as strictly as the authors would have liked (I tried the fruit for breakfast a couple of times and thought ‘bleurgh’), and perhaps it would have worked better if I had, but overall I’m pretty pleased with it.

I also became quite skeptical of the authors’ ‘Skinny Bitch’ claims: they may be skinny, but to me they seem much too concerned with animal welfare to earn the ‘B’ word, however hard the book tries to be rude (‘You need to exercise, you lazy shit’! Um, ok….)

In fact the hardest thing about Skinny Bitch week was watching Species again and being reminded of how horrible she really was. Having said that, my inner feminist was outraged that Natasha Henstridge, who played the main character so well, and was the only person I remembered seeing in it the first time round, wasn’t give anywhere near the credit that the male actors were. And towards the end, the film did get a bit silly. (Alien rats, anyone?)

Meanwhile, the rebellious side of my dieting self enjoyed the huge junk food binge scene, and I felt the little vegan almondmilk chocolate puddings I found really captured the best of that for enjoying at home: chocolate does tend to be better when you aren’t murdering strangers and messing up trains.

In any case, yay vegan diet and I probably won’t bother with Species 2 and 3.


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