Back to School: Hogwarts and Herbology

Back to School: The legendary Hogwarts Acceptance Letter...

The legendary Hogwarts Acceptance Letter…

My son is starting middle school!

It’s a big step for a little boy, and I’m just gutted by how much it isn’t like Hogwarts (or even primary school).

With its featureless, industrial buildings and long, empty white corridors, it could almost be an early Dr Who set. It just needs lockers full of Cybermen, or a Dalek appearing round the corners.

But I’m getting distracted. I’d much rather pretend he’s going to Hogwarts this ‘back to school’ week.

Sadly, having seen the films, he’s not that interested in the books, and that’s fairly typical, making the Language Arts teacher his personal nemesis already (Defence Against the Dark Arts, see!).

Lego Hermione to the Rescue!

Magical powers aside though, he’s more of a Harry Potter type than I was. I was always more like Hermione, in the book smart / annoy people sort of way.

So, how can the end of summer and ‘back to school’ week inspire us into fitness?

As Hermione saved the day with Herbology, it’s Back to Hogwarts with Herbology this week.

I’ve been collecting every weight loss herb, slimming tea, metabolism boosting or energising plant product I’ve found on clearance or markdown for weeks, and I have a good stash of plants for weight loss to get me through this week.

I’ll also be walking him to school and back, with the aim of clocking at least five miles on my pedometer every day.

This week’s challenges:

  • Build walking into the daily commute
  • Try out some herbal slimming teas, energy / metabolism boosting or otherwise weight loss enabling plant products.
  • Watch or read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s / Sorcerer’s Stone

And Good Luck to all with school!

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31 Responses to Back to School: Hogwarts and Herbology

  1. Comments should be here
  2. I think the only book out of this series that I didn’t rlelay like was The Half Blood Prince. All the others were rlelay very good, in my opinion. We live in Orlando and they just opened the Harry Potter theme park ride at Universal Studios a few months ago. So far, we haven’t been able to get there, but I am hoping that we do soon!

  3. Sounds like good goals to me! I am also tossing around the idea of walking my son to school for the extra exercise.

  4. There are so many herbal weight loss treatments out there worthy of Hogwarts! I’m curious to know what you find works best for you. Keep us posted.

    • There certainly are a lot of Hogwarts style weight loss treatments out there! This post is actually from a year ago, so you can see how I got on here: (great for health, but sadly not so great for weight loss)

  5. Such a cute post! Just be careful with weight loss herbal teas. Some of them do more harm than good. Love this blog!

    • Which ones would you be wary of? I’ve tried a few different ones, and there are definitely a couple that just seem to be overnight laxatives!

  6. I feel like I’m more like Hermione too, far less brave than Harry ever was. let me know about that herb, I think it may be nice for my mom.

    liz jo @ sundays with sophie

  7. What a fun idea! I actually used to teach a Harry Potter summer camp and we would do all sorts of activities. Herbology was always a really interesting one because you could use real plants.

  8. Omgosh, love the comparison of middle school to an early Dr. Who set! Not sure if that would have made me more excited or more terrified at that age. Lol. Great post and tips!

  9. Oh, it is an emotional week! Hope your son does well with the new school and you can move forward in your slimming down goals! Have a great week!

    • Thanks! The school was so-so (it’s a post from last year) – he did love the running club, but he got into drama school for this year, which will hopefully suit him better 🙂 Slimming goals are a work in progress, as always!

  10. It’s great to see how you involve youngsters in your steps in readiness for the next school session. And you take your own progress toward health seriously too. Well done.

  11. Hello! I found you via the Blogging Tribe. I love all the Harry Potter books and they are just so different from the movies. Hopefully your son will come around! How did the walking go? I’ve recently moved to the Netherlands and we are biking everywhere. Its nice to get my exercise in as part of my day and not something I have to go do all on my own.

  12. Looks like good goals to me, good luck!

  13. We watched Harry Potter last night! I love this post! Your goals are great! Thank you for sharing!

  14. I wish I could attend Hogwarts. I hated school but would have gone every day if I was learning magic 🙂

  15. I love all the Hogwarts references! I always identified with Hermione too… I wonder how many blog gals do? We all seem to be the book wormy, stay by yourself type!

  16. You are such a cool mama! I love how you tied Harry Potter into this…I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Looking forward to hear what tea works the best for you!

  17. Now if only school was really like it is in Harry Potter books. I would have been a happier student.

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