A Blue String Pudding Recipe for my Clangers Diet


Blue String Pudding (Cordon Bleu, anyone? 🙂 ) is the Clangers’ favourite food, along with soup from the Soup Dragon, so of course I’d have to make some for my Clangers Diet this week!

It’s a fun recipe to make with kids, if you’re ok with the food colouring (see the links section below for some natural blue food colouring options).

BBC: The Clangers, © Smallfilms, Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate. Find more of the Clangers on Amazon UK

I’ll be having my Blue String Pudding for lunches, to continue with the ‘Fight Fat After 40‘ theme of eating carbohydrates earlier in the day, and the blueness is important as I’m counting on our natural human aversion to blue foods to trick myself into eating less of it. Yes that’s right: once again I’m deliberately making a lunch I hope I won’t want to eat!

So, where to start? I cooked some spaghetti with peas, and added a few drops of blue food colouring:

Cooking Blue String Pudding

Cooking Blue String Pudding like The Clangers: Step 1…? (Tweet this! )


But when I drained it, it was green:

Green Spaghetti!

Green Spaghetti…

So I added a few more drops of blue food colouring after draining, and swirled the spaghetti around. I haven’t had this much fun playing with my food since preschool 🙂

Blue string pudding: it's even steaming!

Blue string pudding: it’s even steaming!

(See, it looks just like what the Clangers make)

The Clangers make Blue String Pudding

The Clangers make Blue String Pudding – Watch on YouTube

The only challenge left is to make it reasonably tasty and nutritious. So I added a few more things to the spaghetti, peas and blue colouring: garlic, lemon juice, black pepper, roasted sunflower seeds and nutritional yeast (this is vegan stuff that’s chock full of B vitamins and looks like fish food flakes (yum 😉 ) but you could substitute parmesan or other cheese if you don’t have nutritional yeast):

Blue spaghetti with toppings

Blue spaghetti with toppings: chock full of nutritional yumminess

Mix it together, and voila, here it is: Blue String Pudding (or my take on it anyway!):

Blue String Pudding - Ready to Eat!

Blue String Pudding just like on The Clangers – Ready to Eat! (Tweet this! )

A perfect diet food: it tastes quite nice, and the kids all wanted to try it, but the blueness does make it surprisingly hard to eat!


Have you made blue food? I’d love to hear about it. Click to post comments here…

Celebrating The Clangers with a Blue String Pudding Recipe

Celebrating The Clangers with a Blue String Pudding Recipe!

Links for Natural Blue Food Colouring


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25 Responses to A Blue String Pudding Recipe for my Clangers Diet

  1. Comments should be here
  2. I really liked your blue string pudding page. I especialy like that you included the clangers vidio!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  3. Ha ha, this is awesome, sure I would enjoy it even more if I understood the clangers

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  10. What a fun idea! I just don’t think I could do blue dinner food though which seems silly since I just had no problem with a handful of pastel M&M’s some of which were quite blue.

  11. How fun! And I bet my kids would love the blue food!

  12. Looks like something my sister made for me when my parents were on a date night, lol. Although I’m sure your taste much better than hers!

  13. I must say, I never heard that blue food was supposed to be unappetizing. Now I LOVE blueberries but I will admit, the blue spaghetti…not so much. Thanks sharing.

  14. Yummy!! I’ve never tried blue food but now I want to 😉

  15. woooo this is so fun and funky!! i want to make this for guests and see their reaction haha! =)

  16. I can’t say I have ever eaten blue food and now I think I’m going to color all my carbs blue because I’m pretty sure I won’t eat it. Thanks for that ingenius tip! My kids would love making this. They would probably want to use red food coloring and make it into something zombie like. Great post!

  17. This is so cool! And it has to be tried! haha 😀

  18. My kids would love this! And it has lots of the things we love already! Thanks!

  19. Great post never show blue strings.. Thanks for sharing

  20. This is such a cute idea. But yes, I’m not sure about eating something so blue haha #MMWBH

  21. How different!
    My 5 year old would probably think it’s awesome being blue,
    but I think i would struggle to eat it :-0 #MMWBH

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