So, did I boost my metabolism like Captain America?

How my metabolism boosting diet went wrong - but at least we made Captain America Shield Frisbees!

My metabolism boosting diet went wrong – but at least we made Captain America Shield Frisbees!

How was Captain America week for me? Starting weight: 209.5lbs. Ending weight: 215.8lbs. I don’t know if my metabolism improved but in terms of weight ‘loss’, it was a disaster!

So what went wrong? It started off quite well, except that the advice about calorie intake was meaningless for me: I had no idea how many calories I’d been eating normally, so I couldn’t cut that down by 100. And I never got round to finding out how many calories were in most of the food I was eating, so even after using the resting metabolic rate calculator, which told me I should be eating about 1645 calories per day, I don’t know how many I was eating.

And when Dr Oz says to eat ice cream, does he mean that literally, or is he assuming you already eat ice cream, and would eat 100 calories less of it? I hedged my bets with WeightWatchers ice cream: the latte flavoured ones are only 90 calories, and really not bad 🙂

But none of those things were the problem.

At first I was eating very sensibly, basically not that differently from the week before, but with less raw veggies and more protein.

I bought some herring, and the Omega 3 versions of everything on my shopping list (so my wallet is lighter at least), and I did well at keeping up the five minute workouts several times a day, thanks to the enthusiasm of my oldest son!

I checked my multivitamin for zinc, and it already had the recommended amount, so that was ok too.

I drank a cup of coffee in the mornings, then green tea, and I had some interesting experiences with cans of seltzer that I left in the freezer too long (spray!).

But overall, I think it was working out ok: I was starting to feel a bit perkier and my stomach was feeling a bit flatter too.

Then after three days, it was my toddler’s second birthday and I was feeling really depressed about having no family or old friends around to celebrate it with.

I weighed myself to see how the diet was going and I’d put on a pound. One pound. It shouldn’t have meant anything. It could even have been caused by eating more salt than usual. But we had two toddlers coming over and I had a house to clean, a party to set up and a birthday cake to make. I missed my family and friends, and I lost my willpower big time.

Pizza, white wine and chocolate birthday cake featured heavily over the next few days, and by the time I was brave enough to get back on the scales I’d put back on almost all the weight I’d lost on the 5-day miracle diet the week before. Boo 🙁

So was there anything that went right?

Well, the kids had a nice time decorating Captain America frisbees and playing with them in the garden!

We found some good options for healthy alternatives to burgers and hot dogs, although I’m not sure I can call the turkey dogs healthy when my toddler ate two and threw them up on the sofa.

And I did think the five minute workout series was very good. I found that when I was feeling down, and out of energy, the arm workout was the easiest one to start. And having started with one workout, it was easier to do another one later. I will definitely try to continue with these.

Best of all, I think, was discovering the fun new hobby of freezing seltzer. Living on the edge again 🙂


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