Can You Take A Baby to Comic Con?

Can you take a Baby to Comic Con? This Baby Starfleet Captain says Yes!

Can you take a Baby to Comic Con? This Baby Starfleet Captain says Yes!


So, can you take a baby to Comic Con?

We tried it a couple of years ago, and we weren’t the only ones. The short answer is: it depends on the venue, but almost certainly yes you can.

The longer answer is: be prepared to have a different Comic Con than most people!

Some may be wondering, “Why would you take a baby to Comic Con anyway?”

Well, why not?

We like it there, our older kids love it, and we’re not inconsiderate to those around us. And for a baby, Comic Con isn’t that different from a day out anywhere else with a lot of people around. Plus there are great photo ops 🙂

All in all, it makes for a great family outing.

Taking a Baby to Comic Con: Older Kids love this stuff. Babies don't even know it's scary.

See? Comic Con is a great family outing! (Older Kids love this stuff. Babies don’t know it’s scary yet!)


Tips for the Tricky Parts First:

Comic Con with Babies: Making that mask mistake so you don't have to...

Making that mask mistake so you don’t have to…

Bearing in mind that all babies are different, of course…

Your Costumes

First of all, you might want to do a trial run if you’re planning to wear a costume.

It turns out babies don’t like masks.

Especially on people that are carrying them.

Even when they’ve seen you put it on.

So, masks with babies: bad idea.

But baby costumes are fun. Have a look at ThinkGeek for some very suitable baby clothes.

Planning for your Baby’s Comfort

Second practical tip: Comic Cons tend to be crowded events in big convention centers or hotels that can be hard to find your way around.

Take your usual supplies for a day out, get any kind of maps you can, and figure out where the elevators and toilets are, as well as any baby changing or feeding areas (if you’re lucky!).

It’s also worth scouting out any quiet areas where you can take your baby out of the crowds, walk him around and calm him down for a nap (good luck!) when you need to.


Will you Get to See Anything?

Next, don’t expect to sit through any interesting talks or panel discussions, which will probably be held in small, quiet rooms where a crying baby isn’t fun for anyone (I know, really, where would it be?!).

Small Room Events

We did manage to hide out in the back of one room by the door for a while, and we saw a talk about drawing comic book characters and a Doctor Who panel Q & A while our baby was asleep in the stroller.

Those were great, but these small room events were going on all day, and we made it to two of them. The fact that we saw these events and not any others was purely down to the lucky timing of when our baby took a nap.

Big Events

William Shatner at Comic Con: He's a bit blurry in real life.

William Shatner at Comic Con: He’s a bit blurry in real life.

Lecture hall sized events are a different matter, and here we had a fantastic piece of luck. A steward pointed us towards a huge lecture hall where William Shatner (the original Captain Kirk from Star Trek) would be speaking.

He was being telecast into other rooms around the building, but several of us families with strollers were allowed into the back of the main hall. What an event! He told us a story about taking his dogs for artificial insemination. He could have got huge rounds of applause for saying anything 🙂


Exploring the Booths and Autographs Area

Jurassic Park Car at Comic Con

Jurassic Park Car at Comic Con: Strangely abandoned and empty…

But even with William Shatner thrown in, Comic Con isn’t just about the events. We all got a huge kick out of just wandering around, looking at the booths and seeing everyone in their costumes.

The older boys enjoyed seeing this car from the Jurassic Park movie, which we had just seen at the time.

Little Stormageddon didn’t seem bothered at all by costumed characters that weren’t carrying him. He was interested and thought they were funny.

My oldest son was very excited to meet Frank Beddor, author of ‘The Looking Glass Wars’, which he was reading in school at the time.

He took the time to chat, signed the next book for him, and gave him a cool free bookmark too.

Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor (Doctor Who)

From a distance, not from the 1980s..!
Photo of Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, via Wikipedia

And we saw where we could have got lots of TV celebrities’ gold-plated autographs.

We didn’t find that area till late in the day, so we missed seeing the cast of ‘The Guild’, but Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca) and Colin Baker (Doctor Who) were still around, so we did get to see some famous people packing up from a distance 🙂

We saw lots of interesting comic book artists’ stalls, and got fliers and business cards for lots of cool clubs and events in our area.

We got some great souvenirs too: a Muppet version of ‘The Scream’, and lots of Doctor Who and Adventure Time badges.

The Littlest Captain in Starfleet: Star Trek Baby in a Spaceship Corridor!

The Littlest Captain in Starfleet!

Comic Con: Star Wars Photo OpsAnd there were some great photo opportunities too, especially for Star Wars fans: you could take photos with the droids, or as Princess Leia.

We had a lot of fun with that, especially the spaceship corridor.

Think of anything you do get to see as a bonus, and you’ll enjoy Comic Con more and get a lot less stressed out with your baby!

One final practical tip: check the venue’s stroller policy, because if you bring one with storage, you’ll have so much more room for all your shopping and freebies 🙂

One Happy Baby Star Trek Captain: Take a Baby to Comic Con? We say YES!

Take a Baby to Comic Con? We say YES!

We’ll be taking a toddler to Comic Con this year, and we can’t wait. Wish us luck!


Have you taken your kids to Comic Con? What ages do you think it’s best for? Click to comment here…




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14 Responses to Can You Take A Baby to Comic Con?

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  2. You know what? Even though I have never attended any comic con events, I can totally understand a family doing this as a fun outing. There is so much that would be fun – especially the photo ops!

    This also makes me think of all the cool family themed costumes you can do. It’s so awesome that you guys do this together and I can bet the kids will have those memories forever 🙂

    • I hope so – there are so many different things to do, and great costumes to look at! It’s been a really fun day out for all of us 🙂

  3. Hi,
    My daughter has been to Comic Con and loved it. I never was interested, but if I was interested and wanted to bring my baby, I would, especially if my children were well-behaved.
    Thanks for the insight into this event.

  4. My kids have gone to three smaller cons and loved them. Mine also cosplay, so while they get to have a blast, I get to prep them before hand. And for my daughters that means one requires hair and makeup while the other requires full face/body makeup and hair. We typically are up at 6am to shower, eat, prep and then make it on time for when it opens.

    This year will be different as we’ll be heading out to SDCC. We’re so excited!

    I don’t know that’d I’d be able to try going to one with one in a stroller; so much easier when they can walk about. lol

    • That’s dedication! I bet your costumes looked great 🙂 And congrats on getting tickets for San Diego – that should be a great trip!

  5. I love that big happy smile 🙂 We took our littles to a Star Wars Convention type thing when little miss was 21 months and little mr was 3 months – he slept the whole time and she had a ball…my husband was in heaven. Plus we got to dress her up as a baby Yoda so that was adorable 🙂 Good luck with ComicCon!

  6. I love this! I would love to take my kids with me…heck, I just might! Very cute post! Thanks for sharing! xx

    • You definitely should – there’s so much fun stuff for kids to do 🙂 We just went again and my son got his own theme tune in the music activities!

  7. we’re trying to see if we can get into comic con this year! we dropped in for a second last year bc we had friends who had booths. 🙂 i’m glad it worked out for you and your family. i don’t know if i would bring a baby there.. then again i just don’t do great with crowds in general since i’m so short. haha so i don’t know that i would really go and stay there long baby or not! 😛 you do get some really cute photo opportunities tho!

    • Good luck – it’s great fun! It was hard getting weekend tickets to the San Diego comic con (the main one I think?) when we were there, but the one day tickets were easier. Luckily for us our local comic con doesn’t sell out so quickly!

  8. I love it! We just took our kids to Comic Con and will be writing a blog post soon. We saw so many families there. It was a great experience. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

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