Happy Captain Picard Day!

Happy Captain Picard Day! They look up to you, you know. Like a role model!

Happy Captain Picard Day!

June 16th is Captain Picard Day. Time to do something awkward with children!
Because they look up to you, you know. Like a role model!

© CBS Star Trek: The Next Generation : The Pegasus. Watch this episode featuring Captain Picard Day on Hulu Plus

Of course you are... Please can we get back to the bridge now?

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5 Responses to Happy Captain Picard Day!

  1. I always found the Picard vs Kirk dabate so difficult…I mean, Kirk was the first with Shatners overacting and was just entertaining as all hell, but Picard was played by on of the most handsome men (with a sense of humor) on Television to date…

    But still, its Picards Day, and everyone knows the more I see of Patrick Stewart, the better! 😛

  2. Captain Picard Day? When did this become a thing? Who made it so?

    Definitely marking the date in my calendar for next year.

    • I don’t know, except when it was on the show. Some friends of mine have geek event calendars 🙂 But if it isn’t a thing, it definitely should be!

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