Happy Pi Day!


Wishing a Happy Pi Day to all my lovely readers! It’s 3.14,15 today, and I’m sure it’s nearly 9:26:53 somewhere too (or it will be again this evening). So here’s a very full Adipose for you 🙂

Happy Pi Day from Club Adipose!

Happy Pi Day! Tweet this!

Don’t eat too much pie today! (But if you do, you can always come back here…)

Pi Day Links


And Finally…

I think we have a new hero today:



How have you been celebrating today? Post a comment here…


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8 Responses to Happy Pi Day!

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  3. Happy Pi Day to you! …and that video, she is awesome!

  4. This is cute. I only could manage 3.14 until yesterday’s Pi day, and that’s due to the fact that our local science centre decided to open at 3.2492653! Via CBN

  5. Great post, and love your blog! I totally would have tweeted that Pi pic had I seen it yesterday. Still pinning this post ;-).

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