I Don’t Know How I Put on Weight Doing This (Looks like an ‘F’ in Herbology then…)


Love Herbology? Not so much…

I honestly have no idea how I put on weight on my ‘Back to Hogwarts’ Herbology diet this week.

On top of the herbs, teas and supplements, I walked 8-10 miles a day, which my pedometer says should give me around an extra 1200 calories to play with.

Beginning weight: 213.3lbs
Ending weight: 215lbs

I did get hungrier and eat more than usual, but I didn’t think I ate that much more. I think the biggest difference was that I ate more bread.

But I also ate all kinds of herbs and vegetables for energy, metabolism boosting and weight loss, not to mention the herbal teas every night that were basically laxatives. I put so much into the ‘output’ side of the equation, I can’t believe I still outweighed it!

But I do love this shirt… 🙂

Still, some things were good this week. My insomnia (waking in the early hours) almost vanished this week, which was a fantastic improvement.

I felt much better for walking so far. Strangely, it made me want to go swimming.

The herbal teas weren’t bad either, and I’ll have them there if I need them.

I learned that prunes aren’t that bad if they’re still soft, but it’s so not worth giving them to toddlers, even to keep the peace.

I learned that Spirulina Live Granola bars taste a bit like dried bananas and soap, but if you can get used to that they do produce a nice little energy boost later on in the day.

I also learned that green tea in a can isn’t worth it: just make it with a tea bag and leave it to go cold in the cup for the same taste and effect.

And finally, I learned never again to get whichever of the weight loss supplemments from Jamba Juice doubles the size of your smoothie by filling it up with gross disgusting whey protein. Yum.

Let’s hope it goes better next week!


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23 Responses to I Don’t Know How I Put on Weight Doing This (Looks like an ‘F’ in Herbology then…)

  1. Comments should be here
  2. Thanks for sharing your journey. It seems like you are trying new things/foods that should have the opposite effect, but I know for me if it’s that time of the month or I weigh myself toward the end of the day as opposed to the morning my weight is heavier. Yeah, I try to stay away from those filler up Jamba Juices too, lol.

  3. I’ve been on Weight Watchers for nearly three years. Losing weight is tough and so is keeping it off. I’ve found that if you don’t like what you eat, it is hard to make progress. I also decided any kind of liquid calories didn’t work for me, personally. Best of luck!

  4. Sometimes weight loss and gain is hard to understand. But the important thing is that you feel good and sleep better. I’d always choose exercise and a healthy diet, no matter what the scales say. I think the result takes a while to show, but if you stick to the good habits, you will be healthy.

  5. Oh it can be a long journey with many ups and downs. I think you[re doing a wonderful job! I really should drink more teas myself. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  6. Thanks for sharing all this. I love that you are trying so many new things.

  7. Just keep up the exercise! I am on a weight loss journey myself and have weeks like this! Sometimes the more exercise you do, this is the result! Catch 22! Good luck!

  8. remember that if you are working out more then you could be turning to muscle and muscle is heavier. Good luck next weigh in , you have started and that is the hard part

  9. Thanks for sharing your journey! I hate when I think I;m doing well and then I still gain weight! It must be all the bread… I can’t stay away!

  10. I’ve had times with weight loss like this and it is SO discouraging. What I did find is when I should have lost weight and I didn’t, I was losing size. Did you take any measurements?

  11. Ugh, this all can be so frustrating! But stick to it, and keep sharing! It is great to share your journey!

  12. You always have the most interesting posts 🙂 Hogwarrtz Herbology Diet. Who knew?

  13. Oh my — I hate weeks like that when you try really hard and not get the results you’re hoping for. Hang in there!

  14. I’m sorry. It’s so frustrating to watch the numbers go up. I actually stopped weighing myself though bc muscle weighs more. I use measurements and photos and it has been helpful

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