How to Lose Weight in the Zombie Apocalypse


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Anyone seen the new series of The Walking Dead yet? I love how far Carol has come, from the intimidated wife of a bully to a strong, independent leader and rescuer of others, and with great explosions too.

Back in my less apocalyptic life, I lost 2.8lbs with my ‘Walking Dead’ diet, just by pretending the shops were all looted and empty. I’d have lost more as one of the characters, but I’ll take it! And I kept my head 🙂

Beginning weight: 215.4
Ending weight: 212.8

I’m also pleased with how much this week’s diet saved my wallet!

So, how did my zombie apocalypse diet week go?

It wasn’t bad at all. I thought I might need to find out how to make bread, but we had burger buns left in the freezer from my son’s birthday party.

There was some powdered milk involved, which was fine in cooking and coffee. I also found out how to make a vegan egg substitute for cooking by mixing ground flax seeds with water (I know, weird that I didn’t have eggs but I had that!)

Here are the things I made this week:

  • Red beans and rice (as an on-off vegetarian, I tend to have dried beans and lentils in the cupboards)
  • Pinto beans, soaked overnight and cooked with some stew vegetables I’d been meaning to use for a while
  • Homemade pizza bases, topped with crushed tomatoes, slightly odd mixture of veggies from tins, the freezer and the garden, and string cheese from the kids’ packed lunches
  • Brown rice risotto, with chopped onion, frozen veggies and cashew nuts
  • ‘Leftovers soup’
  • Frozen minced lamb, with potatoes and lentils
  • Rice pudding
  • Porridge (oatmeal)
  • Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (I had 1 egg!)
  • More leftovers
  • Toast

Well, I may not be in the big leagues of Doomsday Preppers, but apparently vegetarian cookery is a useful skill, for the first few weeks of an apocalypse at least.

The kids had some pretty samey sandwiches in their lunches, but the cookies made it ok 🙂

I think I should do this for a week every month: it would be worth it for the budget alone, but to lose weight as well is the icing on the (metaphorical) cake!


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