Monster Eggs for Easter: How Many Can You Guess?


We made Monster Easter Eggs this year, inspired by the Doctor Who Easter Eggs we made before. How many of these awesome monster eggs can you guess?

Monster Easter Eggs!

Monster eggs for Easter: Can you guess what they are? (Tweet this!)

Read on to find out what they are, how we made them and what our intellectual inspirations and artistic influences were… yes I did GCSE Art in evening classes once 😉

Post your guesses, comments and art critic style rave reviews here…


Can’t Guess? Here they are: Our Monster Easter Eggs!

1) A Giant Spider, of Course!

First to go was our youngest, ‘Stormageddon‘ (now a toddler), who turned his egg into a spider with washable markers.

I admit, this one might have been a bit tricky to guess:

Giant Spider Egg!

Giant Spider Egg!

Shelobs Lair Lego Set

Shelobs Lair Lego Set! Find it at Walmart

Obviously at first we assumed it was his personal interpretation of Shelob, the giant spider who entraps Frodo in Lord of the Rings (seen here as the best Lego set I’ve seen in years).

But since he’s only 2, it was more likely inspired by the spider that bit his hand in the summer.

Yup, that was nasty.

We got him drawing pictures after this one 🙂

2) The One that Broke

Number 2 son cunningly repurposed the egg that cracked to make the crack in Amy’s wall from Doctor Who:

The Crack in Amy's Wall

And if you took the egg away, that crack would still be there…

So now we’ve got our crack in reality, next come two monsters with a ‘Hell’ theme:

3) Hellboy

First there’s Hellboy, which my husband has somehow watched several times without me seeing it. Any good?

Hellboy decorated egg

The real Hellboy probably wishes his horns were PlayDoh too.

Hellboy, in egg form.

Hellboy on Amazon UK

Hellboy on

Hellboy on Hulu Plus


4) Pinhead Easter Egg

Next, once upon a time, when my two older children were about 8 and 5, they told me their Daddy was reading them a bedtime story about a man who puts his hand in a box and gets very hurt.

Imagine my relief on discovering it wasn’t Hellraiser, but Dune.

But Hellraiser had made an impression on me. So here’s my homage to the chief Cenobite Pinhead, in egg form:

Pinhead Easter Eggs

Pinhead ‘Easter Eggs’ – bit realistic, that last one!

He’ll tear your soul apart.

But, for those who’d like a refresher on that:

YouTube: The original Hellraiser theatrical trailer (NSFW)

Watch Hellraiser:, Hulu Plus

Amazon UK: Hellraiser Limited Edition Puzzle Box DVD Set (pictured right)

I will not be getting that for my son who is a Rubik’s cube fanatic.

That’s probably enough Hell for a craft project, I think.

5) A Surprisingly Cheery Looking Borg Drone

Of course, every crafter should have a box of steampunk / cyberpunk parts like these for times when they suddenly need to whip up a Borg Drone:

Little bits of machinery

Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own…

And a Star Trek Top Trumpscard to work from:

Making a Borg Drone, with the help of Star Trek Top Trumps

Making a Borg Drone, with the help of Star Trek Top Trumps

And here’s Number 1 son with the finished product!

Borg Drone Egg Decorating

Borg Drones: What Every Well Brought Up Child Should Be Making (Tweet this!)


6) & 7) A Couple of Sci-Fi Classics

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Look out! The Creature from the Black Lagoon is dragging my husband away! Aarrgh!!!


Meanwhile, Frankenstein’s monster enjoys some time in the Monster Lab playset that they briefly sold with ‘Soft Stuff’ (PlayDoh type stuff) from the Early Learning Centre:

Frankenstein's monster egg in the Sof Stuff Monster Lab playset

Chilling out in the Monster Lab, which they should reissue because toddlers need to know this stuff…


8) Jack Skellington Easter Egg

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington

And getting to one last little Goth character:

Thanks to some white paint and black markers, Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas tackles one more holiday as an Easter Egg!

Find The Nightmare Before Christmas on Amazon UK and (not sure why Vudu has Project Runway in that list!)


And Finally

(I had to make it a list of 8 in honour of the late and much missed Terry Pratchett, who made 8 the magic number in Discworld. Find out how to honour Terry Pratchett with your website)


So, did you guess any of the monsters?

Did you get many right? Here they are with labels:

Monster Easter Eggs

Our Monster Easter Eggs: Did you guess what they were?

I admit it: some of these were pretty hard to guess, even impossible! Have you got any ideas for next year? Comments, suggestions and rave reviews here please!



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  1. Comments should be here
  2. these are some seriously impressive eggs!! My son would love them!

  3. Looks like such a fun project to do with kids!

    xo katie // a touch of teal

  4. What a fun project! I’ll bet your kids loved it – and every one is unique.

  5. Now here is a unique way to decorate Easter Eggs! I’ve never seen this before, but I’m thinking this idea could double for a Halloween pronect too 🙂

  6. How very creative of you! I would have never thought to do that with eggs. I think you are on to something!

  7. Very cool eggs! The little guy is adorable too! Thanks for visiting my blog!


  8. Your guys are so creative, I love it!! 🙂

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