Mum’s Taxi: The Shuttle Awaits


If anyone's been wondering where I've been, lately it's more like "where haven't I been..."!

My son got into drama school (see my last post!), and then he also got into a Shakespeare play. He's been going to school in the morning, then leaving for rehearsals or matinees, then evening performances as well. And he can't drive himself...

So I have been 'Mum's Taxi' to the max. A bit like this nice futuristic music I saw on the internets recently:

(Tom Demac - The Shuttle Awaits)

Some days I've only been home for a couple of half hours. Truly like a shuttle.

So how has it been, apart from crazy?

It's kept me healthier and busy anyway: even though I've been sitting down so much, I'm back in my '10 pounds down' favourite black jeans again. Better still, I've been to see a proper Shakespearean play 3 times, with my son acting his heart out in it (I'm very proud).

I love it, though it'll be good to get back to normal again, and spend more time with my other 2 kids.

But I'm tired out, and happy with that. And best of all, my son is getting some really good acting experience. Good times 🙂

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