The Year We Made Fabulous Doctor Who Easter Eggs

Doctor Who Easter Eggs

Remember these? The BBC ran a Doctor Who Easter Egg competition a couple of years ago

Did anyone else try making these?

As lifelong Doctor Who fans and people who like making things, the boys and I couldn't resist this fantastic Doctor Who Easter Egg competition from BBC's Doctor Who Adventures 🙂

I couldn't get anywhere with the Dr Who competition Facebook app to submit our photos, but no one can say we didn't rise to the challenge:

 Our Fabulous Doctor Who Easter Eggs

Our Fabulous Doctor Who Easter Eggs 🙂

And even if we didn't get to send our pictures in, we had a lot of fun looking at Dr Who monsters and making them!

Making Dr Who Easter Eggs

Getting started: even then-baby Stormageddon joins in, sort of

Atraxi Easter Egg

Starting my first one: the Atraxi, made with pipe-cleaners and still looking for Prisoner Zero...!

Making a Hath Easter egg

Meanwhile, Number 1 Son makes a Hath

Dr Who Smiler Easter Egg

and Number 2 Son makes a Smiler...

Cassandra, the Last Human, in Egg form

My next go: Cassandra, the last human being, complete with cracking shell and mini body lotion: "Moisturize me, moisturize me"...

Vinvocci and Hath...

Vinvocci and Hath...

Evil Ood and Scaroth...

Evil Ood and Scaroth...

Rorybot and Cassandra

My husband very appropriately made Rorybot, seen here with the lovely Cassandra 🙂

Dr Who Easter Eggs and Monster Invasion cards

And here's the full set, with Doctor Who Monster Invasion cards as a 'cheat sheet'

I'm planning for another go this weekend, to make a mixture of creatures this time. Happy Easter!


Which monster or character would you make? I'd love to see them. Comment here...

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12 Responses to The Year We Made Fabulous Doctor Who Easter Eggs

  1. Fabulous! This is a whole new, fun twist on decorating Easter Eggs! This opens the door for all kinds of themes…hmmmm..

  2. such a great idea! My kids would love them 🙂

  3. Very funny! We are doing swirly glitter ones and monster stickers as soon as the eggs cool!

  4. My daughter would love your Dr. Who Easter eggs, she’s a huge fan of that show!!!! Great idea.

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  6. Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

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