The Spocktail: Let’s Drink to 50 Years of Star Trek!

The Spocktail, from TGI Fridays

The inscrutably elusive Spocktail

What could be better than 50 years of Star Trek?

Celebrating Star Trek with a space-themed cocktail of course!

I saw this ‘Spocktail’ advertised on a local TGI Fridays website when we were looking for somewhere to go out for dinner. Perfect, I thought: a science fiction cocktail would be a great way to celebrate Star Trek.

But when we got to our nearest TGI Fridays, the Spocktail was nowhere to be seen.

I still don’t know why: perhaps it was only being sold in a different branch, or a special offer I’d just missed, or one of those interesting secret menu items I’ve read about but not been outgoing enough to ask for.

But I wasn’t going to be daunted by my drink not existing, so I asked the friendly waitress and she went off to ask the barman, who said yes, they could make one (very nice of them too, and yes we did leave them a good tip!)

And they came back with this fantastic looking blue, green and black layered drink.

Since it wasn’t on the menu, I had no idea what was in it but hey, we Trekkies are all about exploring the unknown, right?

The layer at the bottom was probably blue curacao, because that’s the only drink I’ve ever known that’s such a bright blue, and it was just as I remembered it.

The green layer was also very nice, and tasted citrussy. Perhaps it was some mixture of fruit juice that had been turned green..?

The black layer was fantastically spacey looking, but not to be left till last unless you like the taste of neat vodka, because that’s what it was: black vodka (never even heard of that before!)

All in all, I really liked the Spocktail: a fun idea, a great way to honour Star Trek, and a very pleasant and interesting drink to try, with or without the mystery.

Having said that, I do wish I knew what was in it, because I’d love to make it again, and I can’t even find it on the internet now. But what’s that if not a great excuse to experiment..?


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