Still Not Fighting Fat After Forty


I have a confession to make: I’ve been stuck on the ‘PBS Diet‘ for two weeks now, and all because I can’t read a book. Specifically, I can’t read ‘Fight Fat After Forty‘, which was meant to be my next diet, starting right after my birthday and all…

Every single page, and I’ve read over a hundred of them now, is packed with interesting biological information, useful graphs, and reminders of how overscheduled, rushed and stressed women in their forties are, why this is bad, and how much harder it becomes to lose weight as we get older and our metabolism decreases. Ok, I believe you, I’ve noticed it myself, and I had great hopes for this diet, so please, please, get to the point!

It’s typical for a diet book to have a couple of chapters of case stories of people who struggled, tried out whatever the fantastic new formula is, and then – wow, it really worked, this diet did exactly what you said it would, Hooray! And then there’s the chapter that’s basically the collection of lists, timings, amounts, combinations, or whatever it is you’re really paying for.

Then there are usually a couple more chapters of being encouraging, and finally, ha ha, the ‘maintenance regime’ – because this isn’t a diet, after all, we’ve all tried diets, no, THIS is a way of life, and such an amazing way of life you’ll wonder why you ever thought you liked chocolate cake. Or reality.

So, being as familiar with diet books as I am, I have to wonder why and how the exceptionally busy, overscheduled and stressed target audience of ‘Fight Fat After Forty‘ are meant to pick out all the instructions that are scattered throughout the entire length of this densely fact-packed 300 page book. The person who had this book before me made a truly valiant effort, with annotations, underlines and asterisks on every page, but I have to wonder, even so, if she ever figured it out either: I’m sorry, Dr Pamela Peeke, I really want to try your diet, but I need a cheat sheet!

I’ll be back with more on this later, as soon as I’ve figured it out.

In the meantime, please check out the other weekly diet plans I’ve tried.


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5 Responses to Still Not Fighting Fat After Forty

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  5. Wow. I can relate to the things you say. I can’t finish a book. I’ve tried to read so many diet books and I’m always skipping through all the biological, scientific, studies and all that crap.
    Trying to get to the point. But if I don’t find “the point” fast enough, well there goes another book unfinished.
    I have considered writing a book, specifically designed for people like us. Who just wants to get to the meat of tje topic.
    Authors, I know you are trying to be credible, give proof of what you are saying is true, but some of us don’t really care. Just make one chapter be called “the point of all this” and that will be the first and possibly the only chapter I read.
    Thanks for the article. It makes me realize Im not alone on this lol

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