The Fortune Cookies of Doom are Out to Get Me!


I’m on to you, Chinese restaurants! You and your fortune cookies. Harmless fun? Yes, for other people. They have fun, happy or inspiring little sayings. Like my two year old son got this:

Fortune cookie: It's fun being a kid

“It’s fun being a kid.” See? Nice, right? And accurate

Well I know they’re messing with me. Take this one my husband got last Monday night:

Fortune Cookie: Your emotional currents are flowing powerfully now

Emotional currents, huh?

‘Powerful emotional currents’? Just what we need on the last night of my mother-in-law’s Thanksgiving visit.

And the one I got last time?

“The road to success is always under construction”

I’d better keep at it then! Should have kept that one and framed it…

But on Monday night, as the bag of fortune cookies was passing itself around, I caught myself getting nervous, and suddenly remembered this one I’d been carrying in my bag for months thinking it was deep or inspiring or something:

Fortune cookie: It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are

Takes courage to be like me, huh?

Now I think I see what you’re getting at. Thanks 😉

So what did I finally get this time? This:

Fortune Cookie: There are Coincidences


Coincidences eh? Come on, Chinese restaurants, I just want a night off with a takeaway! What’s up with the ‘tough love’?



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7 Responses to The Fortune Cookies of Doom are Out to Get Me!

  1. Comments should be here
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  3. This is great, I honestly don’t even pay attention to my fortunes but I should!

  4. Yes some are inspiring and some are just out of this world which you can’t really relate

  5. It’s hit or miss in the fortune cookie writing room! Good post.

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