The Naked Now What?!


Remembering the Ice Bucket Challenge - it's been so hot here lately I could almost do it again!

Taking the Ice Bucket Challenge!
(It actually wasn’t that bad).

Well, I thought I’d managed to avoid it, but here it is: the ice bucket challenge!

So I was thinking this week should be ‘The Naked Now’ week, since they were frozen and taking cold showers in their clothes.

I can’t recommend ‘take so many drugs or get so sick you forget to eat anything’!

Frozen foods, or smoothies, perhaps? I’m not very keen on smoothies (too much sugar) so that’s one for another day I think!

Meanwhile, we’ve had a few birthdays and I’m gradually reading through the next diet book, so like Arnie, ‘I’ll Be Back‘…

Oh yes, and I Challenge YOU! 🙂

PS: Looking back on the Ice Bucket Challenge a year later, it really wasn’t that bad – in fact it’s been so hot recently I was almost tempted to do it again. But not really.


Did you do the Ice Bucket Challenge? Or can you think of a diet for ‘The Naked Now’? Post your comments here…

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