Why I don’t drink ‘Lemon Water’ in the Mornings


I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook lately about how we should all be drinking Lemon Water in the mornings.

That is, instead of a cup of tea, then another cup of tea, then a cup of coffee, and then maybe another cup of coffee, we should pour hot water on a slice of lemon and drink that.


And here’s why not:

Why I don't drink Lemon Water in the Mornings: "This little girl plays with her toys while Mummy and Daddy have a drink of tea or coffee..."

Ladybird Toddler Books: My Day 
(That’s right: Their day)

Let’s take a closer look at this 1983 classic…

"Mummy and Daddy have a drink of tea or coffee."

See? Not Lemon Water.

And then…

Ladybird Toddler Books: My Day.  "Soon it is time to get dressed. What will the children wear?"

“Soon it is time to get dressed…”

Now you can try to reason with toddlers.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from ‘Asterix in Britain’, it’s that a magic potion you believe in will give you courage in battle:

Asterix makes tea: "When we left our village Getafix gave me these herbs. They may have qualities we don't know about. Anyway they'll encourage our British friends."

“When we left our village Getafix gave me these herbs. They may have qualities we don’t know about. Anyway they’ll encourage our British friends.”

Asterix in Britain: Those herbs for the pretend 'Magic Potion'? Tea :)

Those herbs for the ‘Magic Potion’? Tea 🙂

Asterix in Britain. Fighting the Romans: Courage in Battle!

Asterix in Britain. Fighting the Romans: Courage in Battle!

So I won’t be drinking Lemon Water in the mornings, thanks: give me my tea and my coffee any day!


Do you swear by Lemon Water, or swear at it? Click to post your comments here…



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29 Responses to Why I don’t drink ‘Lemon Water’ in the Mornings

  1. Comments should be here
  2. I like drinking lemon water during the day, but it’s not what I crave first thing in the morning. I love tea, sparkling water, or a Diet Coke instead! 🙂

  3. I tried the hot water & lemon thing and honestly, it’s hard to stay consistent with it. Super models and health gurus swear by it, but nothing will replace my cup of Joe. 🙂

  4. I don’t have kids, but give me coffee any morning!

  5. Haha you are so funny, you always make me laugh! I swear by coffee in the morning…don’t expect anything from mummy until she has had her coffee! Btw where did they get the kids that play with their toys while the parents have their coffee??? Mine follow me around asking me every question they can think of and begging for food…

  6. I had to laugh…this is the first time I read your blog and the first thing I read is about lemon and warm water…I actually started this a week ago…I drink it while my coffee is brewing…I started drinking it because I was hoping to get regular after switching to a lower carb diet…I drink lemon in my water throughout the day too…but this girl will not give up her morning coffee, there would be too many casualties

  7. Please give me my coffee in the morning, no lemon water for me!

  8. hahaha though i’m not huge on coffee.. I still need my caffeine in some form.. and I don’t even have kids yet. forget the lemon water lol

  9. Definitely giggled a little out loud when I read this post!

    ​xo katie // a touch of teal

  10. I really like lemon water in the morning. I also like it after dinner. It tastes so good. I love lemon and anything that tastes like lemon. On my part, I can not understand how people can drink coffee! It tastes so bitter to me. I do drink tons of black tea though. To each it’s own…

  11. Haha, I love the face of the mom while she sips her drink! She looks how I feel every morning.

    As for Asterix…HOLLA! My french teacher had us reading this comic (en francaise, bien sur) every day. I always thought it was very obscure, but clearly not. Love those main characters.

    Finally: lemon water. I drink a warm lemon water before I have my coffee. Then I have the coffee. And more coffee. and then some more. But the lemon water is great for the tummy.

    • LOL – I know, that’s pretty much how I am in the mornings too! I used to love Asterix in French at school, and Tintin too – I think they’re probably bigger in Europe. There’s even Parc Asterix in France: an Asterix theme park. Hope to take my kids there some day 🙂 As for the lemon water, I know it’s healthy, but maybe later!

  12. Give me a cup of tea with extra lemon…does that count? I just can’t see giving up my morning tea

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  15. I like lemon in my water and I do drink it in the morning but I have to have my tea with lemon or coffee right after it.

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  17. I like lemon water or lemon green tea in the morning .. how can somneone have coffee in the morning !!

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