Workout Review: Tammy’s Fitness Jammies!


Pajama Workout Review: Tammy's Fitness Jammies

What is Tammy’s Fitness Jammies?

One of the nicer things about having a blog page on Facebook is that I get to see more of the interesting fitness-related things people are doing.

And one of the pages that caught my eye was for Tammy’s Fitness Jammies.

It’s literally a personal trainer called Tammy who makes workout videos in pyjamas (Tweet this! ) Here’s her introduction video (Burpees!):

And here’s the YouTube page.

The pyjama workouts prove you don’t have to be in a high tech gym or buy a load of expensive sports equipment to get moving and improve your fitness. And I love them! (Did I give the review away already?)

Also apparently I’ve been in America long enough to recognise a Canadian accent now – because this is a good one and it’s pretty cool 🙂

I wasn’t sure I’d like Tammy’s Fitness Jammies until I tried it. I’m not (at all!) a morning person. I rush around throwing clothes on and drinking as much coffee as I can before driving my oldest son to the school I really meant to be walking to.

But when I thought about the clothes I wear for the school run: sweatpants and the awesomely warm ‘meh’ hoodie from Thinkgeek; I realised that apart from looking like outdoor clothes, they weren’t really that different from pyjamas.

And since each workout is only 3-5 minutes long, I decided to try one every morning this week. Here’s how it worked out:

On Monday, I tried Day 1 of the 30 Day Plank Challenge. This was probably my least favourite, but I’ll try Day 1 of any fitness programme (probably).

Planks: Good for stomach muscles?

Still, I think planks may not be my thing. At least, my toddler kept asking if I was ok, and then sat on me, which didn’t help.

Next, I tried the Upper Body Glide. You need a smooth floor for this one: you put slippers or socks on your hands, and it’s suspiciously like polishing the floor. It worked a treat for getting the dust out from under my Tardis rug anyway! (yep: this one 🙂 )

On Tuesday I tried a Legs / Thighs / Butt Workout (lots of lunges), and it was only a few minutes long, but boy, did it work them out!

On Wednesday I tried a Beginner Abs Workout – because after 3 kids, my abs do feel a bit like beginners all over again 🙂

By Thursday, I was feeling some muscle soreness, although each day I did these mini workouts I felt better for it. So I went for my old standby when I don’t feel as much like exercising, and picked an Arm workout. This one is meant to use dumbbells, but Tammy uses firewood logs, and I used two sizes of tin cans from the kitchen.

On Friday, I meant to do ‘Squats and Planks with Coffee’, which I was very curious about*. But then I woke up to a message from my web hosts that someone had been trying to hack my blog (I mean, what am I, a bank? The Pentagon??), and since Friday is my regular walking day anyway, I missed out on Tammy’s Fitness Jammies and checked up on my website instead.

Which was a shame, because by then I was looking forward to my little morning workout with Tammy. Tammy is cheery and funny, and her workouts are really short, but so worth it 🙂

I’ve really enjoyed my week with Tammy’s workouts. Tammy’s Fitness Jammies does away with all the excuses: no time (they’re short), equipment (anything the right size and weight), fancy workout gear (pyjamas), and no need to go any further away than your TV or computer. I feel better for getting moving in the mornings, and I’ve had more energy later in the day. I’d recommend this to anyone.

The one thing that would make this even better is Giant Robot Slippers with Sound Effects. Also some properly geeky pajamas.

I give Tammy’s Fitness Jammies six pyjama-clad hearts or stars or something. Give it a try – it’s well worth a go! Click here to subscribe to Tammy’s Fitness Jammies on YouTube.


*I did get to ‘Coffee Squats and Planks’ this morning and it’s a good one – that coffee goes up and down a lot, so don’t fill it too full!



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20 Responses to Workout Review: Tammy’s Fitness Jammies!

  1. Comments should be here
  2. I love these workouts and that I can do them in my jammies! Thanks for sharing!

  3. She is a genius! Working out in Jamies is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time.

  4. Great idea! PJs are so comfy for working out in anyways!

  5. It’s funny! I will have to give PJs workout a try.

  6. I wasn’t aware there was such a workout routine! It is cool they are only about 5 mins, makes it more manageable with our busy lives!

  7. These are the funniest looking workout videos I’ve seen in a long time! Who knew working out in your jammies would catch on?!

  8. As a mom it’s hard to find time to workout, so working out in jammies before kids wake up is brilliant, lol.

  9. Ill have to check this out. This maybe the push I need to get going in the morning.

  10. This is great! I’ve never thought about working out in my jammies, mainly because once I get started I begin to sweat…a lot. And that wouldn’t be pretty for anyone nearby…

  11. I love this! I wonder if this will work with my footed pajamas? While this is funny it does prove that you don’t need fancy fitness gear or a gym membership to get in shape.

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