I love this Dragon Cake Pan!


Look at this fantastic dragon cake pan! And just in time for my birthday!

It’s like ThinkGeek really love me. And so they should. I’m ordering one now 🙂

Love this Dragon Cake Pan!

The Dragon Cake Pan from ThinkGeek… put it away very quietly…

Because if there’s one thing better than chocolate cake, it’s a dragon chocolate cake sitting on a pile of gold.

(…hopefully the dragon won’t burn things…)

There’s just one more thing I need now: enough chocolate money for the dragon to sit on!

I’ll be updating this with photos when the dragon cake pan arrives, and I’ve made the cake.

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21 Responses to I love this Dragon Cake Pan!

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  2. That is so awesome. This reminded me how much I miss Game of Thrones and wish the new season would be here already.

  3. Wow! That’s like the moulds cooks in the late 1800s used in giant kitchens for the Lord and Lady of the house. They moulded all sorts of thing, mostly in jelly.

  4. That would have made a heck of a Jell-O salad, back in the early 1960’s!

  5. Such a cool pan! My sister would love this for her birthday cake!

  6. I tell you right now, my cake would never come out of that pan intact! HA!!

  7. This pan is awesome and my boys would love it!!!! So cool! Thank you for sharing!

  8. What a fun cake pan! Once it arrives I look forward to seeing the photos of your fabulous cake. And happy birthday! 🙂

  9. Wow, that cake pan BELONGS in this house! I’ll have to pick one up 😀

  10. What an intricate cake pan! It would be perfect for a theme or boy’s party. Now, my level of baking would find a way to make the poor cake dragon crumble. 🙁

  11. That’s awesome! I could never decorate it but that’s great. My daughters’ high school mascot is a dragon. We could have gotten a lot of use out of this when they were in school.

    • A dragon sounds like a great mascot! My kids’ schools recently have had the cougar for their mascots, which I always think is a little bit embarrassing!

  12. hi!

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