All Your Cake Are Belong To Us

All Your Cake Are Belong To Us

This Week’s Diet: All Your Cake Are Belong To Us (Tweet this!)

This week’s diet is in honour of retrogaming, and mistranslated fun:

All Your Cake Are Belong To Us!

Back in the heady days of the early 2000’s, this scene from the not-so-well translated video game ‘Zero Wing’ was huge as an internet meme.

Here’s the original intro sequence on YouTube, posted by TOMGC:

And I loved it, because I was doing something similar at the same time: I was working as a QA tester on a fantastic role playing game that was being translated from Japanese, first into an English version for North America, and then into French and German for a European version as well.

I saw the story emerge from Japanese through patches of English, into the polished final product. And then I got to improve on my school-level French and German, learning cool words for magic and fantasy items and characters: Magical amulets and talismans, deadly spiders, Princes of Hell and Angels of Light. Mein Handy and Mein Supercooler Lederrock! I loved that project so much!

So I’ve always been fond of ‘All Your Base Are Belong To Us’: so much so that I’ve even been given it on a T-shirt [ See on Etsy | CafePress | Amazon UK ] 🙂

'All Your Base Are Belong To Us' T-shirt from

‘All Your Base Are Belong To Us’ T-shirt from (Mine is like this but lighter grey 🙂 )

And that T-shirt, which I slightly need to slim back into, leads me to this week’s diet: ‘All Your Cake Are Belong To Us’…

It’s pretty simple, although it takes a friend or family that’s willing to cooperate.

If you’ve done any kind of diet before, you’ll know there’s usually some list of ‘free foods’ that can even be unlimited, because really, who even wants to eat unlimited grapefruit and celery?

So whatever that ‘free’ food is that you’re used to, it’s free this week. But anything else, any kind of ‘treat’, doesn’t belong to us this week.

So if we really want it, we have to ask somebody else…

Why this will work:

This ‘diet’ will work by making us think twice before eating those extras, because asking someone else if you can eat things is annoying, a nuisance, and maybe even embarrassing too. Hopefully, we won’t want to bother our friends and family too much with cookie cravings, so we’ll eat mostly ‘free’ food instead.

And now, One Week Later, The Results:

So, how did it go, doing the ‘All Your Cake Are Belong To Us’ diet?

I must admit, as with many of my completely made-up diets, I did have my doubts, but it actually worked quite well.

My family thought it was funny, but even so, I didn’t bug them too much, and lost quite a lot at first.

I did have a mishap day when I figured out the pitfall in this plan: if you go somewhere like Starbucks, you have to ask for everything anyway. Lesson learned: don’t go to Starbucks!

And by the end of the week, I had lost 1.4 pounds – not huge, but I’d rather lose it than put it on!


Would this diet work for you? Read and post your comments: click here…


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All Your Base Are Belong To Us... in cross stitch!

‘All Your Base Are Belong To Us’ by… in cross stitch!


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9 Responses to All Your Cake Are Belong To Us

  1. Comments should be here
  2. Hmm, what an interesting concept. Also the geek references are fun!

  3. Haha, this is awesome. And a cross stitch pattern? I’m a cross stitch nerd; I’ll have to save that for later. =P

  4. Very interesting concept. I think anything that makes you think twice about what you’re putting in your body is beneficial. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love the diet idea, but if I had to ask my husband and teenager if I could eat something they would just say no. This means that I would loose all the weight and all the love I have for my family. We’ve just had birthday parties so you there was way to much cake in this house.

    I now have to go and read everything else you wrote about crazy diets, but first I’m going to get some coffee and cake.

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