How I Fought Fat After Forty, and Won (a Little Bit)


‘Fight Fat After 40’:
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‘Fight Fat After 40’ is not the easiest diet book to follow, but it works:

Beginning weight: 212.8
Ending weight: 209.6

I am very pleased with this week’s diet and weight loss. Once I got to the basics of the ‘Fight Fat After 40‘ diet, it really wasn’t too bad.

I did get a bit fed up with the chicken breast dinners, although I came up with a few variations: lemon and garlic, lemon and tarragon, Thai style green curry, paprika and garlic, and a couple of versions of chickeny non starchy stew. Obviously to follow this diet in the long term, I would new to introduce more variety into the dinner options.

I’d need to find some new equivalents: perhaps other lean(ish) meat, Quorn, poached or grilled fish, stir fried tofu, etc. Dr Pamela Peeke (the author) also recommends beans and lentils, which I often use anyway.

I’ll never be able to bring myself to throw an egg yolk away, but as long as I can remember to avoid the starchy foods after 5pm, I think the dinners should mostly be manageable.

So it’s goodbye to the frozen pizzas, pastas, potatoes and rice in the evenings… 🙁

But I did appreciate being able to eat more bread and cereals in the daytime (the All-Bran featured most days, with low fat or almond milk and banana slices).

For some reason, I also found myself able to eat a lot more fruit than usual. I don’t usually like fruit much, but perhaps it helped that my toddler seemed to love it all: a satsuma or banana shared with a toddler just seems cheerier.

And the kids’ packed lunch apples were ok chopped up with plain yogurt or eaten in the car with some string cheese.

I even bought some strawberries this week to have with the yogurt, as they’re my middle son’s favourite.

This week’s valuable discoveries:

Doctor Who Cookbook: Dining with the Doctor

What I want for Christmas: ‘Dining with the Doctor’, from

  1. If you’re stressed out driving in traffic, just try eating string cheese at the same time. It creates a whole different perspective on things.
  2. Chamomile tea really can be as good for relaxing as wine, if you just pay it a little more attention
  3. Healthy snacks are pretty good if you remember to think of them as ‘Woman Food’. Strange but true.
  4. YouTube is full of relaxing music and meditation videos.
  5. And still loving Peter Capaldi as the new Dr Who 🙂


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