Does My Bum Look Big in this Superhero Suit?


Does my bum look big in this superhero suit? If there's anything we can learn from The Incredibles' Elastigirl in this video clip (which I think has been edited and exaggerated too!) it's this:

  1. Everyone would check out their 'rear view' in a superhero suit, and
  2. Most of us probably think our problem areas are more obvious than they are 🙂

Does My Bum Look Big in this Superhero Suit? Clip from 'The Incredibles', (Disney / Pixar, 2004), edited by FreeDrlz (watch on YouTube). Watch The Incredibles on

It's fine 🙂 There's a world out there to save - don't stress about the suit! And remember, "You are Elastigirl!":

Clip from 'The Incredibles', (Disney / Pixar, 2004). Watch more of this channel on YouTube. Watch The Incredibles on


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Elastigirl: Does my butt look big in this Superhero Suit?


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8 Responses to Does My Bum Look Big in this Superhero Suit?

  1. This is so timely. I was Elastigirl on Halloween. LOL

    • Sounds like a good costume! I went to the same party where I was the only one in costume last year so I didn’t dress up this year. I love the Incredibles though 🙂

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  4. I had never seen this movie so I had to ask “what were they (the writers) thinking?” A satire on how women are too concerned about their looks – pausing in the middle of preparing for battle to check out how their butt looks in their costume? At least, I hope it was satire!

    • I think it was meant to be just one of those funny relatable moments. She’s been reluctantly dragged out of superhero retirement at the time and wasn’t prepared for the costume! 🙂

  5. I would love to have a costume like that. But also on the second note, if a woman asks “anyone” Does my butt look big? The answer is ALWAYS, No dear! lol

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