So, How Can We Ruin Our Food This Week?


mustard greens

Mustard greens: I don't like them.
(Photo credit: via Wikipedia)

This week's diet is inspired by Captain Janeway from Star Trek: Voyager drinking coffee and being a terrible cook 🙂

So, how can we ruin our food this week? (Tweet this!)

Here are some tips to get started - post yours in the comments!

Food-Ruining Ideas I've Tried:

  • Cover it in hot sauce - tried this, the kids thought it was hilarious
  • Drop it on the floor - toddler did this, what a helper!
  • Burn it - yep, thanks toaster
  • By the way, if you drop a teabag in your toaster you'll soon be wondering which of your neighbours hosts dope-smoking parties (and, perhaps, so will they...)
  • Make something you don't like anyway - mustard greens, anyone?
  • Leave it to go soggy (cereal etc) or cold - well that tends to happen around here anyway
  • Add spices you don't like - ugh, cinnamon (I know I'm swimming against the tide here but I really don't like it!)

(Ruining my food actually worked out very well for me - I wouldn't do this for a potluck, but see my Captain Janeway diet review here)

Need more? Here's some inspiration from Voyager's kitchen and replicators

See Captain Janeway's pot roast at 1:55 for true, original food-ruining genius:

Love this video - see more from this YouTube channel: WELCOME to MY Profile
Watch Star Trek: Voyager on Hulu Plus, Vudu or Amazon UK


And this: Now this is dedication

Chocolate Cake Flourless (1)

Flourless Chocolate Cake, not Marmite at all (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And speaking of potlucks, I love Marmite, but this potluck cake from 'The Vicar of Dibley' is just wrong!

"Frank Pickle: [looking at Letitia's cake] Oh, lovely. Chocolate?

Letitia Cropley: No. Marmite."

Vicar of Dibley: Election (1994)

Watch 'The Vicar of Dibley' on Amazon, Hulu Plus, or Netflix



Have you ruined your food this week? Comment here...

And finally: I can't believe someone really did this, but look at the links below:



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6 Responses to So, How Can We Ruin Our Food This Week?

  1. I burned some of my vegetables Monday in the oven. It was okay though because the chicken turned out great and I still had enough veggies that were able to be saved for dinner. All in all, it was a yummy dinner.

  2. LOL! I made an egg dish this morning to cut in to pretty little bit-sized chunks for a mommy group meeting and it ended up looking like one big egg crumble. Whatever, I still brought it!

  3. I once adding a tablespoon of salt when it was a teaspoon of salt to a baking recipe. BIG difference!

    • Oops! 🙂 I once used baking soda instead of custard powder – the tins looked really similar but I knew something was wrong when my custard started foaming over the edge of the bowl!

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