Captain Janeway Coffee Clips


The Captain Janeway Coffee Appreciation Page!

Here’s a captain who really appreciates her coffee! (Star Trek: Voyager, © CBS Corporation)

Janeway Coffee Quotes:

  • There’s coffee in that nebula
  • Coffee. The finest organic suspension ever devised… I beat the Borg with it.
  • If I have another cup of coffee, I’ll jump to warp
  • Listen to me very closely because I’m only going to say this once. Coffee. Black.

English: Cute coffee.
Love this smiley coffee! Photo credit: Wikipedia

Enjoy! This coffee appreciation page is part of my Captain Janeway inspired diet week. It worked well for me, so good luck if you’re trying it! Black coffee helps to increase fullness without adding calories, and also reduces appetite, according to recent research: Does Coffee Reduce Appetite? .

Captain Janeway Coffee Clips. What was that? Chai Frappucino?

What was that? Chai Frappucino?



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  1. Comments should be here
  2. Your website is so funny and unique. I enjoy reading your posts. And I also love coffee. But for me it’s gotta be sweet!

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