Every Jelly Baby Scene from Dr Who


To keep us cheered along with our Dr Who Jelly Baby inspired diet week, let’s have this again as it’s so fantastic 🙂

Every Jellybaby Scene from Dr Who:

With many thanks to DoctorWho2001, who put this together, and of course the BBC, who made Dr Who in the first place!

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The Fourth Doctor: Fancy a Jelly Baby? Every Jelly Baby Scene from Doctor Who

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4 Responses to Every Jelly Baby Scene from Dr Who

  1. Comments should be here
  2. I really like the doctor who video. I was surprised it didn’t just have the fourth doctor (Tom Baker)!

  3. I just heard of a local place that sells Jelly Babies and I’m so ecstatic to finally get to try them!

    • I think they used to have them in Cost Plus World Market, but last year my son wanted a Doctor Who birthday party and I ended up buying some on ebay (no British shops near us)!

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