The 5 Day Miracle Diet vs Alien

This week’s diet choice is inspired by ‘Alien’, and it’s Adele Puhn’s 5 Day Miracle Diet. Five days of the Miracle Diet, five Alien movies: Coincidence? Hardly!

Adele Puhn is a qualified nutritionist and dietician based in New York, and I have high hopes of this diet as I lost 5lbs the last time I tried it. (Click here to see how I got on this time, in my 5 Day Miracle Diet food diary).

The diet is based on controlling blood sugar and sugar cravings, so if you are a ‘sugar baby’, as she calls it, this could be the diet for you.

Why Alien?

The 5 Day Miracle Diet vs Alien: Got that 'hangry' look if you ask me

Alien: Got that ‘hangry’ look if you ask me

Firstly, I think the horrible, parasitic Alien is a fantastic metaphor for the cravings that take root inside us and can lead us so far astray, perhaps sliding down from the ceiling behind us when we’re trying to concentrate on our instrument panels…

And secondly, one of the main features of this diet is the frequent ‘hard chew’ snacks, and when I think of Alien, the first thing I remember is that extra set of teeth that come out of its mouth. Ugh! Mini carrots would be no match for it.

I’d love it if this diet was good for heartburn too, with all that acid in the aliens’ blood, and it might be, but sadly if it is the book doesn’t mention it.
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