The Snowman Detox Diet Worked for Me


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Well, the idea of detox may be a load of unscientific rubbish (sorry, a ‘cultural product’) according to Ben Goldacre of ‘Bad Science’ fame, but for whatever reason (probably the eating less reason), my Snowman detox diet has worked well for me this week.

I should point out that this detox diet is inspired, not endorsed, by the Snowman: it involves only eating things you could make a snowman with.

So for two days I drank lots of water, ate raw carrots, tangerines, an apple slice, a banana, and cheated slightly by drinking green tea whenever I got caffeine withdrawal headaches.

The kids and I watched Raymond Briggs movies: The Snowman, Father Christmas, and The Snowman and the Snowdog.

And then we went to my son’s Polar Express cast party 🙂

(Funny how the Snowman and the Polar Express both take a little boy to the North Pole at Christmas to meet Father Christmas and bring back a gift, and yet they have such different endings – all wonderful Christmas films, too.)

Anyway, after 2 days of my snowman detox diet, hooray, my weight did this:
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