I love this Dragon Cake Pan!

Look at this fantastic dragon cake pan! And just in time for my birthday!

It’s like ThinkGeek really love me. And so they should. I’m ordering one now 🙂

Love this Dragon Cake Pan!

The Dragon Cake Pan from ThinkGeek… put it away very quietly…

Because if there’s one thing better than chocolate cake, it’s a dragon chocolate cake sitting on a pile of gold.

(…hopefully the dragon won’t burn things…)

There’s just one more thing I need now: enough chocolate money for the dragon to sit on!

I’ll be updating this with photos when the dragon cake pan arrives, and I’ve made the cake.
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Star Wars Cakes: Tauntaun Guts with Summer Berries

Star Wars Cake: Tauntaun Guts with Summer Berries!

How to Make a Star Wars Cake: Tauntaun Guts with Summer Berries!   (Tweet this)

This cake is based on a famous scene in one of the proper Star Wars films (Empire Strikes Back): Luke Skywalker, riding a Tauntaun, gets trapped in a blizzard while patrolling around the rebel base on the icy planet Hoth. In a favourite scene of little boys of all ages, he survives by killing his Tauntaun and climbing into its stomach for the night to keep warm.

I was inspired to make a Tauntaun cake when I saw this awesome Tauntaun sleeping bag on Thinkgeek.com

A perfect subject for cake decorating, I thought. Especially for the Cub Scouts cake auction 🙂

How to make this Star Wars Tauntaun cake:

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Star Wars Cakes: Chewbacca Chocolate Cake

Making a Chewbacca Chocolate Cake!

Making a Chewbacca Chocolate Cake!

This Chewbacca chocolate cake was the easiest of the Star Wars cakes we made for our cub scouts Blue and Gold Banquet Star Wars cake auction.

It’s a basic chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.

It does have a few more expensive decorations (marzipan, slivered almonds, chocolate buttons and red licorice) that I was also using for another cake, but at least some of these could be swapped for cheaper alternatives, or made out of fondant.

It’s a pretty nice cake too: I tried enough of the cake and frosting while cutting it up and decorating it that this was the one I was most sorry not to be bringing back home with us afterwards!

And is it really coincidence that we saw Peter Mayhew at Denver Comic Con not long afterwards?? Probably 🙂

Here’s how to make a Chewbacca Chocolate Cake (Tweet this!):
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Star Wars Cakes: Death Star by Chocolate

Star Wars Cakes: Death Star By Chocolate (How to Make a Death Star Chocolate Cake)

Star Wars Cakes: Death Star By Chocolate
(a Death Star Chocolate Biscuit Cake!)

This Death Star chocolate cake was one of three Star Wars cakes we made for the cake auction at our Cub Scouts’ Star Wars Blue and Gold banquet.

Given the challenge of Star Wars cake decorating, the Death Star seems like a good place to start, since it’s already round.

And I thought it would be an interesting challenge for a painting technique I’ve tried a couple of times before, of scraping off paint (or in this case icing sugar) with a credit card (not quite right, but it will all make sense later!)

Best of all, I thought, for this idea I could make a standard chocolate biscuit cake: a favourite classic British recipe for a very rich and chocolatey truffle style cake that sets in the fridge and doesn’t require baking. This would keep my oven free and also ensure that at least one of my cakes was really nice (I can’t see anyone not liking chocolate biscuit cake!)

Also it sold for about $20 more than it cost us to make it, so I count that as a success (nice generous people at the auction there!) 🙂

Chocolate biscuit cake is a fairly standard recipe that can be found all over the place, or made by experimenting with a lot of teaspoon tasting (ha! 🙂 ), but in this case I got this very simple and delicious recipe (without the topping) from mydish.co.uk . Here’s how to make it:
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Doctor Who Cake Decorations on our Christmas Cake!

Hooray for Lakeland – we’ve got Doctor Who Cake Decorations on our Christmas Cake this year! The kids and I had so much fun putting these on 🙂

Decorating our Dr Who Christmas cake

Decorating our Dr Who Christmas cake

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