Star Wars Cakes: Chewbacca Chocolate Cake

Making a Chewbacca Chocolate Cake!

Making a Chewbacca Chocolate Cake!

This Chewbacca chocolate cake was the easiest of the Star Wars cakes we made for our cub scouts Blue and Gold Banquet Star Wars cake auction.

It's a basic chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.

It does have a few more expensive decorations (marzipan, slivered almonds, chocolate buttons and red licorice) that I was also using for another cake, but at least some of these could be swapped for cheaper alternatives, or made out of fondant.

It's a pretty nice cake too: I tried enough of the cake and frosting while cutting it up and decorating it that this was the one I was most sorry not to be bringing back home with us afterwards!

And is it really coincidence that we saw Peter Mayhew at Denver Comic Con not long afterwards?? Probably 🙂

Here's how to make a Chewbacca Chocolate Cake (Tweet this!):

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