Why I don’t drink ‘Lemon Water’ in the Mornings

I’ve seen a lot of posts on Facebook lately about how we should all be drinking Lemon Water in the mornings.

That is, instead of a cup of tea, then another cup of tea, then a cup of coffee, and then maybe another cup of coffee, we should pour hot water on a slice of lemon and drink that.


And here’s why not:

Why I don't drink Lemon Water in the Mornings: "This little girl plays with her toys while Mummy and Daddy have a drink of tea or coffee..."

Ladybird Toddler Books: My Day 
(That’s right: Their day)

Let’s take a closer look at this 1983 classic…
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I Love My Dalek Coffee Mug!

Hooray for my friend who sent me this awesome collectible Dalek mug for Christmas:

Skarobucks Dalek Coffee Mug: Caffeinate!!

Skarobucks Dalek Coffee Mug: Caffeinate!! (Tweet this!)

With this mug, I can tackle any kind of day!

Get this Doctor Who Daleks Skarobucks Coffee Mug from Amazon UK or click here to find Skarobucks and many more collectible Doctor Who Dalek mugs!

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Doctor Who Collectibles: Dalek Mugs


Original and Handmade Dalek Mugs from Etsy

Dalek Doctor Who Coffee Mug

Dalek Doctor Who Coffee Mug by The Crafty Cat Shoppe, via etsy.com

Mr Teacup Dalek Mug

Dalek Mug by Mr Teacup via etsy.com

Dr Who Scream Dalek Mug

Dr Who Scream Dalek Mug from Sutherlands Geekery via etsy.com

Doctor Who Dalek inspired mug

Doctor Who Dalek inspired mug from Gelert Designs, via etsy.com

Doctor Who Hand Painted Dalek Mug

Doctor Who Hand Painted Dalek Mug by Diane’s Little Ditties via etsy.com

Large Red Engraved Doctor Who Dalek Exterminate! Mug

Large Red Engraved Doctor Who Dalek Exterminate! Mug, from The Crystal Shoppe, via etsy.com

Crocheted Dalek Mug Cosy

Crocheted Dalek Mug Cosy, from Crochet by Theonna, via etsy.com

Handmade Pottery Dalek Mug

Handmade Pottery Dalek Mug, from The Mud Peddler Studio, via etsy.com

Caffeinate!!! Dalek Inspired Travel Mug

Caffeinate!!! Dalek Inspired Travel Mug by PicMeAlwaysDesigns, via etsy.com

Click to see more Dalek mugs from etsy.com…
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Jelly Baby? Or Weight Loss 4 Gummies? (Review)

Jelly Baby? Or Weight Loss 4 Gummies? (Review) Dr Who Badge: Would you Like a Jelly Baby? available from Etsy

Dr Who Badge: ‘Would you Like a Jelly Baby?’ Available from DareWearbyNaniWear via Etsy

As a Dr Who fan who grew up during the Tom Baker years, I’ve always had a soft spot for jelly babies, so I couldn’t resist trying a weight loss supplement that looks and tastes a bit like them.

Weight Loss 4 Gummies are also one of the few weight loss supplements that don’t say ‘consult a doctor if you’re pregnant or nursing’, which helps in my case.

So, do they work? A little bit 🙂

Ok, I admit it: I didn’t really expect Weight Loss 4 Gummies to be any good. But they were.

I was still in a less-than-enthusiastic mood about the dieting after my Captain America disaster, and didn’t feel like trying hard.

But it wasn’t hard to eat 3 Weight Loss 4 Gummies every day and so I did.

They tasted nice, and although I did feel a little jittery (perhaps from the Green Coffee Bean extract), it wasn’t that noticeable. And probably a lot better for the diet than real Jelly Babies!

Beginning weight: 215.8 lbs
Ending weight (after a week): 215 lbs

For a week of not especially trying (we had friends round for dinner twice and I had ice cream with the kids too!), I think losing half a pound is pretty good, and a great motivation for getting back on the weight loss wagon again.

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Captain Janeway Coffee Clips

The Captain Janeway Coffee Appreciation Page!

Here’s a captain who really appreciates her coffee! (Star Trek: Voyager, © CBS Corporation)

Janeway Coffee Quotes:

  • There’s coffee in that nebula
  • Coffee. The finest organic suspension ever devised… I beat the Borg with it.
  • If I have another cup of coffee, I’ll jump to warp
  • Listen to me very closely because I’m only going to say this once. Coffee. Black.

English: Cute coffee.
Love this smiley coffee! Photo credit: Wikipedia

Enjoy! This coffee appreciation page is part of my Captain Janeway inspired diet week. It worked well for me, so good luck if you’re trying it! Black coffee helps to increase fullness without adding calories, and also reduces appetite, according to recent research: Does Coffee Reduce Appetite? .
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