Black Lotus: the $100,000 Magic card

MTG Black Lotus For Sale

MTG Black Lotus For Sale

Bargain, no wonder it’s gone: here’s one for $199,999… And here’s the search...

Would you pay $100,000 for a playing card? One lucky Magic the Gathering card collector is hoping someone will.

Described as ‘The Holy Grail & Highest graded Magic card in the World,’ this card is the Black Lotus, by Christopher Rush, one of the first MTG cards ever drawn.

It requires no land to play, and adds to the player’s land.

I love the pictures on Magic cards. But $100,000..?

So I did a search for the most expensive MTG cards on eBay.
Imagine finding one of these in the pages of a secondhand book 🙂

If I were a billionaire, I’d love to buy up fantastic collectible items and hide them in places like that.

Then I’d set up some Google Alerts and wait for the exciting discoveries to appear…

What would you hide? And where would you hide it?

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