A Cuddly TV Doctor for my Lovely Menopausal Friends

Here’s Dr Philip, a cuddly TV doctor for all my lovely menopausal lady readers, courtesy of the fabulous Harry Enfield Show. Which TV doctor does he remind you of most?

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Books for Kids who Want to be Doctors

Here are some books that would make great gifts for kids who want to be doctors!

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Age 3+ years (Preschool)

Age 3 years and up
Size: 8 1/4 x 8 1/4, Pages: 16
Series: First Experiences
Author A. Civardi

Going to the Doctor

This wonderful story explains to kids the events at the doctor’s checkup.

Jenny and Jack go in for the doctor to examine a bruised arm and a sore throat. Joey has an infection treated.

The characterful images are a great vessel for discussion with younger kids. Older children may take in the story without their aid.

A small brightly coloured duck is hidden on every double page!

This book is an Accelerated Reader title. Accelerated Reader (AR) is the world’s most popular reading management software. it provides teachers with an easy and effective way to monitor all forms of guided reading practice and is used in nearly 60,000 schools.

To order disks or individual quizzes go to: www.renlearn.com

“First Experiences…are ideally suited to reading to young children, for sharing ideas with slightly older children and being read by early readers.”

Mother and Baby

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