Dr Who Jelly Baby Collectibles

Dr Who Badge: Would you Like a Jelly Baby?

Dr Who Badge: Would you Like a Jelly Baby?

...and more Dr Who Jelly Baby goodies and Fourth Doctor goodies on Etsy.com

Fourth Doctor's Hat and Scarf on ThinkGeek.com

Fourth Doctor's Hat and Scarf on ThinkGeek.com...

TARDIS lunch box

...and of course a TARDIS lunch box to put those jelly babies in


Every Jelly Baby Scene from Dr Who

To keep us cheered along with our Dr Who Jelly Baby inspired diet week, let's have this again as it's so fantastic 🙂

Every Jellybaby Scene from Dr Who:

With many thanks to DoctorWho2001, who put this together, and of course the BBC, who made Dr Who in the first place!

Find Doctor Who Jelly Baby Collectibles here!

Jelly Baby? Or Weight Loss 4 Gummies? (Review)

Jelly Baby? Or Weight Loss 4 Gummies? (Review) Dr Who Badge: Would you Like a Jelly Baby? available from Etsy

Dr Who Badge: 'Would you Like a Jelly Baby?' Available from DareWearbyNaniWear via Etsy

As a Dr Who fan who grew up during the Tom Baker years, I've always had a soft spot for jelly babies, so I couldn't resist trying a weight loss supplement that looks and tastes a bit like them.

Weight Loss 4 Gummies are also one of the few weight loss supplements that don't say 'consult a doctor if you're pregnant or nursing', which helps in my case.

So, do they work? A little bit 🙂

Ok, I admit it: I didn't really expect Weight Loss 4 Gummies to be any good. But they were.

I was still in a less-than-enthusiastic mood about the dieting after my Captain America disaster, and didn't feel like trying hard.

But it wasn't hard to eat 3 Weight Loss 4 Gummies every day and so I did.

They tasted nice, and although I did feel a little jittery (perhaps from the Green Coffee Bean extract), it wasn't that noticeable. And probably a lot better for the diet than real Jelly Babies!

Beginning weight: 215.8 lbs
Ending weight (after a week): 215 lbs

For a week of not especially trying (we had friends round for dinner twice and I had ice cream with the kids too!), I think losing half a pound is pretty good, and a great motivation for getting back on the weight loss wagon again.


Adipose or Alli?

The Adipose: 'The fat just walks away' (Club Adipose: Adipose or Alli?)

The Adipose: "The fat just walks away"... And then flies away... But not down the toilet...
BBC Doctor Who: 'Partners in Crime', via Doctor Who YouTube channel

Adipose (Dr Who)

An Adipose baby... now where did that come from?
(Thinkgeek, I suspect!)

I admit it: I completely failed to boost my metabolism like Captain America.

Instead, I put on 5 pounds, and felt quite discouraged about it too.

So I thought it was time to try a weight loss supplement instead of another week of dieting: something I could take to make the pounds go away by themselves...

I'd heard good things about Alli: apparently it's a non-prescription version of Orlistat, and is the only over the counter weight loss aid that's approved by the FDA.

According to the official website, it's a pill that stops about 25% of the fat you eat from getting absorbed.

The website also offers a free personalized support plan that helps you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Sounds good to me.

Alli works by blocking the absorption of fat during digestion. And, a little bit like our favourite product from Adipose Industries (up to a point!), if you do eat too much fat, it allegedly leaves quite suddenly 😉 although not in the same way!

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