Jelly Baby? Or Weight Loss 4 Gummies? (Review)

Jelly Baby? Or Weight Loss 4 Gummies? (Review) Dr Who Badge: Would you Like a Jelly Baby? available from Etsy

Dr Who Badge: ‘Would you Like a Jelly Baby?’ Available from DareWearbyNaniWear via Etsy

As a Dr Who fan who grew up during the Tom Baker years, I’ve always had a soft spot for jelly babies, so I couldn’t resist trying a weight loss supplement that looks and tastes a bit like them.

Weight Loss 4 Gummies are also one of the few weight loss supplements that don’t say ‘consult a doctor if you’re pregnant or nursing’, which helps in my case.

So, do they work? A little bit 🙂

Ok, I admit it: I didn’t really expect Weight Loss 4 Gummies to be any good. But they were.

I was still in a less-than-enthusiastic mood about the dieting after my Captain America disaster, and didn’t feel like trying hard.

But it wasn’t hard to eat 3 Weight Loss 4 Gummies every day and so I did.

They tasted nice, and although I did feel a little jittery (perhaps from the Green Coffee Bean extract), it wasn’t that noticeable. And probably a lot better for the diet than real Jelly Babies!

Beginning weight: 215.8 lbs
Ending weight (after a week): 215 lbs

For a week of not especially trying (we had friends round for dinner twice and I had ice cream with the kids too!), I think losing half a pound is pretty good, and a great motivation for getting back on the weight loss wagon again.

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