Happy Pi Day!

Wishing a Happy Pi Day to all my lovely readers! It’s 3.14,15 today, and I’m sure it’s nearly 9:26:53 somewhere too (or it will be again this evening). So here’s a very full Adipose for you 🙂

Happy Pi Day from Club Adipose!

Happy Pi Day! Tweet this!

Don’t eat too much pie today! (But if you do, you can always come back here…)
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Pi Day Gifts, Books and Pi Collectibles

Here’s a collection of Pi Day gifts for the math lover in your life, as well as Pi themed collectibles, and books to inspire the kids you love to love numbers!

Pi Day Gifts from Thinkgeek

Pi By The Numbers Fleece Blanket

Pi By The Numbers Fleece Blanket

Pi by Numbers Fitted Ladies' Tee

Pi by Numbers Fitted Ladies’ Tee

ThinkGeek Pi Power Necktie

ThinkGeek Pi Power Necktie

Pi Day is also Einstein’s birthday. Celebrate with math and science goodies! (Tweet this! )

Math for Kids from Usborne Books & More

Math Puzzles

Math Puzzles for ages 6 and up

What's Math All About?

What’s Math All About? Ages 8+

Illustrated Elementary School Math Dictionary

Illustrated Elementary School Math Dictionary, for Ages 8+

Brain Games Activity Cards

Brain Games Activity Cards for Ages 6+

Illustrated Math Dictionary

Illustrated Math Dictionary for Age 12+

Logic Puzzles Activity Pack

Logic Puzzles Activity Pack for Age 6+

See all Math Books and Activity Packs for Kids from Usborne Books and More


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