A Dalek Snowflake!

Are you a Special Snowflake?

Had enough of the snow yet? Feel like hibernating instead? Here’s a special snowflake to cheer you up (and no, this is meant in the genuine way, not the mean way):

An Adipose Snowflake

An Adipose Snowflake! As Daniel Tiger says:
“I am a Snowflake, as special as can be. There is nobody else exactly like me” 🙂

(Fans of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood might recognise that quote! And I think, being toddlers, the Adipose Babies would like Daniel Tiger, don’t you? Adipose collectibles coming soon!)

I admit it, I fell off the wagon (kind of literally) when I crashed my car in the last snowstorm a couple of weeks ago. The diet mostly went out of the window.

But now the snow is back, and it’s time to get the diet back on track!

So, let’s find our real ‘special snowflake’ shapes again!

A new diet will be starting in the next couple of days. I’ve narrowed it down to two choices: one based on sleep and relaxation, and the other one based on mindfulness.
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Crashed my Car in the Snow

Crashed my Car in the Snow: Not surprising with all these Imperial Walkers around

Traffic in Michigan, photo by @TheRealCyberelf

So, my week of getting into good sleep habits has got off to a really bad start: Yesterday morning I crashed my car in the snow.

It had just started snowing and my son called to say he’d forgotten to take his backpack (with his lunch in) to school.

So I got myself ready enough, put the backpack and my two-year-old into the car and set off on the snowy roads, not thinking much about it.

I noticed a little bit of skidding at a junction on the way, but remembered to keep slowing down gradually and braking slowly, with gaps in between and it was ok.

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