Star Wars Cakes: Tauntaun Guts with Summer Berries

Star Wars Cake: Tauntaun Guts with Summer Berries!

How to Make a Star Wars Cake: Tauntaun Guts with Summer Berries!   (Tweet this)

This cake is based on a famous scene in one of the proper Star Wars films (Empire Strikes Back): Luke Skywalker, riding a Tauntaun, gets trapped in a blizzard while patrolling around the rebel base on the icy planet Hoth. In a favourite scene of little boys of all ages, he survives by killing his Tauntaun and climbing into its stomach for the night to keep warm.

I was inspired to make a Tauntaun cake when I saw this awesome Tauntaun sleeping bag on

A perfect subject for cake decorating, I thought. Especially for the Cub Scouts cake auction 🙂

How to make this Star Wars Tauntaun cake:


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