Was Anyone’s Holiday Dinner with Relatives Worse than This?!

Anyone had any difficult relatives round for dinner lately? 😉 Cheer up - watch the formidable Lwaxana Troi launch herself like a battleship on her poor long suffering daughter Deanna's wedding rehearsal dinner:


(Star Trek: The Next Generation, Season 1, Episode 10: 'Haven' © CBS. Watch 'Haven' free on hulu.com)


Wishing a Valiant Thanksgiving to all of us who are Cooking the Dinner today!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and especially those of us who are cooking the big dinner for our in-laws this year: valiant indeed!


Be Valiant - and Good Luck! For all those who are cooking the big dinner for their in-laws today!

I love the old pictures in this video!

Most of them look like old book illustrations and I wonder what the stories are behind them.

In any case, they’re a perfect complement to Maddy Prior's early music style version of this old traditional hymn by John Bunyan, author of A Pilgrim’s Progress.

It takes me back to my school assemblies – a good bit of fortitude to start the day 🙂

So whether you're cooking, prepping the kids, cleaning the house or wondering where the bag in the turkey went...

It can't be worse than this!

Be Valiant - and Good Luck!

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