Suddenly over 40? Here’s your Diet!


Seems like just the other day, doesn’t it…
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Do you ever feel like it was just the other day you were 25, and then suddenly you were, well, older?

I think the new Doctor Who could relate.

Suddenly he’s awkward with Clara – not only a lot older since regenerating, but tactless and impatient too. It’s a big change from the last two ‘boyfriend Doctors’, and hooray for that.

And just like the Doctor, I sometimes wonder where those extra years came from…

…And how I keep taking much younger people (ok, the kids) on fun and educational adventures they don’t always appreciate as much as I’d like them to 😉

…And how much bigger my car must be on the inside, to hold all the things they leave in it.

…And how much nicer it would be to see the TARDIS on the driveway instead of the Toyota…

Still, there are some advantages. Like, my little ‘companions’ are much cuter and more fun than his 🙂

Fight Fat after Forty

But back in reality, the Doctor doesn’t seem to have put on the extra pounds that I have from those years, so I’ll be the one that’s doing this week’s diet for stressed older women: ‘Fight Fat After 40‘.

I know: women? But couldn’t The Doctor be a woman some day?

To be fair, as an episode storyline, ‘Fighting Fat’ with any Doctor (over 40 or otherwise) probably wouldn’t be up there with Genesis of the Daleks or Blink. Or Silence in the Library. Or the one with the Adipose babies 🙂

Fight Fat After Forty: Safer than the Adipose ("The fat just walks away"...)

Doctor Who (Partners in Crime): “The fat just walks away”…
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