Could a Breaking Bad Diet Work for a Road Trip?

Walter White's Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, with the crusts cut off.

Walter White’s Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, with the crusts cut off. Just keeping things up to standard.
See Dimly Lit Meals for One for more Walter White food photos, including this one from The Breaking Bad Cookbook, by Chris Mitchell

(All videos NSFW). You know you’ve been watching Breaking Bad too much when you keep nearly calling people ‘b*tch‘.

So at first this might not seem like the best diet for visiting your mother in law…

But we’re going on a fantastic road trip to get there too, probably through New Mexico, though sadly not in the true fan style of this Breaking Bad RV Tour.

And it will involve a lot more fast food than we usually eat. So this is a kind of reconnaissance and damage control diet.

I should add, right upfront, that I am not recommending amphetamines, although apparently there still are some over the counter diet supplements that contain them.

And I’m not recommending fast food either, just seeing if I can work with it.

Can’t anyone else be professional about this?

I’ll be taking the ‘Dining Out Companion’ book from WeightWatchers. That’s pretty professional, though in some ways incomprehensible too.

I’ll also be taking advantage of the new law that requires big chain restaurants to publish the number of calories in all their meals.

So how will this Breaking Bad diet work?

I should probably have a chemical formula ready at this point. But in fact (shocker!) I have no scientific reasoning for this diet. It’s basically just an attempt at weight-gain damage control while on vacation.

What are the rules?

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