Can You Detox Like a Snowman?


Can You Detox Like a Snowman?

The Snowman: your New Year Detox Diet Saviour!

Was it just me, or did anyone else go off the rails a teeny bit towards the end of the year?

It’s been a month full of birthdays and holidays here, with 2 sets of grandparents and other relatives coming to stay (separately at least!) and now I’m at my heaviest ever 🙁

But don’t despair! New Year is a great time to try this Melting Snowman detox diet!!

What’s the Melting Snowman Detox Diet?

It’s a day or two of eating and drinking things you might use to make a snowman, of course 🙂

So that would be lots of water, carrots, tangerines (Santa’s signature gift as we Dr Who fans now know!), or other fruit that could be used as a snowman’s features. We’ll give the lumps of coal and twigs a miss this time.

If you need some inspiration, here is a clip from Raymond Briggs’ classic British Christmas film, ‘The Snowman’. The little boy starts building the snowman at around 3:15, and the snowman tries out different fruit noses at around 8:50:

Be warned, for those who haven’t seen ‘The Snowman’ yet, the ending is sad.

It’s a film with a lot of emotional depth and meaning. For me, it’s about appreciating the special times we have with people we love who won’t always be there.

In any case it is a classic for us Limey Brits at Christmas. I’ve seen it so many times I can mostly tell what’s happening just from the music, but I still watch it every year.

The ending:

The melted snowman

The Snowman: The Ending. Time to start all over again.

My suggestion? Watch it in a Raymond Briggs triple bill of ‘The Snowman‘, ‘Father Christmas‘, and ‘The Snowman and the Snowdog‘ and it’s still just as lovely but not so sad.

Next: Find out how the Snowman Detox Diet worked for me…




Can ‘The Snowman’ be a beginning as well as an ending? I’d love to hear your comments: click here…

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