A Diet for Elastigirl, the Incredibles’ Superhero Mom


This week’s diet, in the run up to Thanksgiving, is for that most overstretched superhero mom of all, Elastigirl from The Incredibles.

Not only does she have a busy life with her three superhero kids, but she is the only grown up voice of reason left, and then still has to suit up and save the day.

It’s a very appropriate character for the rest of us superhero moms in a holiday week 🙂

And what a suit!

‘The Incredibles’ (Disney / Pixar 2004). Watch The Incredibles (Full Movie) on YouTube



Strangely, you’d think that Elastigirl, being stretchy as she is, could have whatever figure she wanted. But apparently not.

So, seeing how she checks out her rear in the superhero suit (and which of us wouldn’t?!), this week’s diet is Rosemary Conley’s Hip and Thigh Diet.

What’s so good about the Hip and Thigh Diet?

The Hip and Thigh Diet is one of the original low fat diets from the 1980s. So on the bad side, ‘low fat’ is out of fashion these days.

But on the good side, it’s a simple and easy diet to follow, from a very well written diet book with clear instructions, encouraging testimonials and lots of sample meals and recipes.

Better still, the meals themselves can be extremely simple.

Breakfast choices include sensible cereals with skimmed (fat free) milk, or toast without butter or margarine.

Lunches include lots of jacket potatoes with low fat toppings, and the most convenient packed lunch options I’ve ever seen in a diet: you can mix and match 4-5 choices of a piece of fruit, a small fat free diet yogurt, or a diet instant cup-a-soup.

Any meal can be beans on toast.

There are lots of other options, with low fat recipes, but those are the most convenient ones for me.

You’re also ‘allowed’ two alcoholic drinks a day, which you can save up for special occasions. In fact, there was a funny scene in the BBC show Diet Trials, when one of the girls had turned Rosemary Conley into her diet hero, and Rosemary Conley saw her saving up her drinks for some pretty full on binge drinking nights out. Happy days! “That wasn’t what I meant…!”

So, Cheers Rosemary, and Good Luck to us all! We’ll be back in those super-shorts in no time 🙂


Are low fat diets really over? Read and post your comments: click here…




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  11. I love the idea, especially for Halloween lolzzz Elastic power!

  12. A diet that is easy to follow, hooray! I really love the movie The Incredibles and I love the way Elastigirl checks out her rear end in the mirror!

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